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Christopher Larson
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: I am fascinated by a broad scope of what is considered “divine” and tackling questions around justice versus injustice, while contemplating the complexity of social issues, letting the audience come to their own conclusions. I am a visual artist currently focused on digital painting and mixed media. I finger paint, finding this to be a tactile experience that is both a literal and a figurative connection to my emotion and expression. Once completed, the work is then printed on a number of different materials such as poured resin, metal, papers and fabrics suited to the essence of the piece. On the horizon, future projects will include collage, painting, sculpture and a series of experiments that will consider the divine and ultimately the human spirit.

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  • HERA "Be Mine"
    Digital Painting on Metallic Print under Acrylic (Ebonized frame)
    Hera is the goddess of marriage and is often depicted as vengeful responding to Zeus' infidelities. Here, she is beautiful, starry-eyed and is being strangled by snakes.

  • MAGIC LASSO "Aphrodite's Lasso of Truth"
    Lasso wrapped in armature wire
    Like the Medusa story, I expose truth of being a rape survivor and reveal the "knot" in my life, turning it to gold by helping others; I discover my power from the "Gorgon Transformatio

  • ATHENA "Too Bold" / ZEUS "Thunder"
    2017 / 2017
    Digital Paintings (Metallic Print under Acrylic) / Photo Print Resin
    Athena and Zeus are depicted here to highlight the human/imperfections, Zeus controlled by his sexual addiction and Athena ruled by her hubris.

  • MEDUSA "Dancing on My Own"
    Digital Painting / Print w/ Special Resin
    In the alternative myth of Medusa, she is raped by Poseidon; Athena punishes her-turning her into a gorgon. Medusa chooses to use her powers to protect virgins turning men to stone.

  • Untitled

  • Prometheus & Athena
    Digital Paintings (Print Under Special Resin) (Metallic Print under Acrylic)
    Prometheus and Athena, here, represent justice; Prometheus the God of Enlightenment saves mankind stealing fire for us and Athena the goddess of Warcraft and Wisdom fights only for justice.

  • NOTOS "Don't Fade Away" & "Tokyo Sunrise"
    Digital Painting Print with Special Resin
    Notos, the wind god who carried Zeus' chariot, depicted as a horse, is a mirror image of self, reflecting life and death and the desire to be an instrument of change.

  • APHRODITE "I See Your Light"
    Digital Painting Ultra Thin LED Lightbox
    Aphrodite, goddess of love embodies beauty and sexuality; here her beauty is re-envisioned as a powerful internal quality that shines through.

  • WONDER WOMAN "Birth of a Demigoddess"
    Digital Finger Painting Ultra Thin LED LIghtbox
    Reference to Botticelli's masterpiece, The Birth of Venus (Aphrodite), combines beauty with qualities of force, strength and power in the demigoddess Wonder Woman.

  • Untitled

  • WONDER WOMAN "Contagious Courage"
    Fabric Liagt box
    Wonder Woman is the embodiment of principles, of responsibility, the fight for freedom and of courage-she is the example that inspires.

  • Batgirl "Enduring LIght"
    Wallcovering - offered as metallic print under acryhllic
    In 1988 in the graphic novel, The Killing Joke, Batgirl becomes paraplegic and for years to follow; she no longer has what we consider "powers", she acts more as a coordinator of sorts, yet

  • HER Light

  • Untitled

  • Untitled

  • Untitled

  • "Winds of Change"
    Leto Sculpture and lighting
    Red, white and blue symbolize the birth of democracy and the countries recently experiencing political upheaval. The digitized spaces and light create movement in the piece representative of the winds

  • Reflections
    Mixed Media (Digital and Original World War I Poster)
    The artist stumbled across this World War I poster depicting Joan of Arc the day after the Women's March. The image of Joan of Arc, the visionary who re-energized dispirited troops and inspired a

  • Reflections
    Mixed Media
    The artist stumbled across this World War I poster depicting Joan of Arc the day after the Women's March. The image of Joan of Arc, the visionary who re-energized dispirited troops and inspired a

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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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