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Christopher Larson
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: I am fascinated by a broad scope of what is considered “divine” and tackling questions around justice versus injustice, while contemplating the complexity of social issues, letting the audience come to their own conclusions. I am a visual artist currently focused on digital painting and mixed media. I finger paint, finding this to be a tactile experience that is both a literal and a figurative connection to my emotion and expression. Once completed, the work is then printed on a number of different materials such as poured resin, metal, papers and fabrics suited to the essence of the piece. On the horizon, future projects will include collage, painting, sculpture and a series of experiments that will consider the divine and ultimately the human spirit.

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  • HERA "Be Mine"
    Digital Painting on Metallic Print under Acrylic (Ebonized frame)
    54.1″ x 41.4″
    Hera is the goddess of marriage and is often depicted as vengeful responding to Zeus' infidelities. Here, she is beautiful, starry-eyed and is being strangled by snakes.

  • MAGIC LASSO "Aphrodite's Lasso of Truth"
    Lasso wrapped in armature wire
    Purposefully can vary
    Like the Medusa story, I expose truth of being a rape survivor and reveal the "knot" in my life, turning it to gold by helping others; I discover my power from the "Gorgon Transformatio

  • ATHENA "Too Bold" / ZEUS "Thunder"
    2017 / 2017
    Digital Paintings (Metallic Print under Acrylic) / Photo Print Resin
    28.5″ x 36.4″ /. 28″ x 35.9
    Athena and Zeus are depicted here to highlight the human/imperfections, Zeus controlled by his sexual addiction and Athena ruled by her hubris.

  • MEDUSA "Dancing on My Own"
    Digital Painting / Print w/ Special Resin
    In the alternative myth of Medusa, she is raped by Poseidon; Athena punishes her-turning her into a gorgon. Medusa chooses to use her powers to protect virgins turning men to stone.

  • Untitled

  • Prometheus & Athena
    Digital Paintings (Print Under Special Resin) (Metallic Print under Acrylic)
    Prometheus and Athena, here, represent justice; Prometheus the God of Enlightenment saves mankind stealing fire for us and Athena the goddess of Warcraft and Wisdom fights only for justice.

  • NOTOS "Don't Fade Away" & "Tokyo Sunrise"
    Digital Painting Print with Special Resin
    Notos, the wind god who carried Zeus' chariot, depicted as a horse, is a mirror image of self, reflecting life and death and the desire to be an instrument of change.

  • APHRODITE "I See Your Light"
    Digital Painting Ultra Thin LED Lightbox
    Aphrodite, goddess of love embodies beauty and sexuality; here her beauty is re-envisioned as a powerful internal quality that shines through.

  • WONDER WOMAN "Birth of a Demigoddess"
    Digital Finger Painting Ultra Thin LED LIghtbox
    Reference to Botticelli's masterpiece, The Birth of Venus (Aphrodite), combines beauty with qualities of force, strength and power in the demigoddess Wonder Woman.

  • Untitled

  • WONDER WOMAN "Contagious Courage"
    Fabric Liagt box
    120" x 43.5"
    Wonder Woman is the embodiment of principles, of responsibility, the fight for freedom and of courage-she is the example that inspires.

  • Batgirl "Enduring LIght"
    Wallcovering - offered as metallic print under acryhllic
    In 1988 in the graphic novel, The Killing Joke, Batgirl becomes paraplegic and for years to follow; she no longer has what we consider "powers", she acts more as a coordinator of sorts, yet

  • HER Light

  • Untitled

  • Untitled

  • Untitled

  • "Winds of Change"
    Leto Sculpture and lighting
    72" x 26"
    Red, white and blue symbolize the birth of democracy and the countries recently experiencing political upheaval. The digitized spaces and light create movement in the piece representative of the winds

  • Reflections
    Mixed Media (Digital and Original World War I Poster)
    62.5" x 111" ~319lbs.
    The artist stumbled across this World War I poster depicting Joan of Arc the day after the Women's March. The image of Joan of Arc, the visionary who re-energized dispirited troops and inspired a

  • Reflections
    Mixed Media
    62.5" x 111" ~319lbs
    The artist stumbled across this World War I poster depicting Joan of Arc the day after the Women's March. The image of Joan of Arc, the visionary who re-energized dispirited troops and inspired a

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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