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Faustino Vidal
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Red Hook


ARTIST STATEMENT: My name is Faustino Vidal. I was raised in the Red Hook Houses by my undocumented mother, who came to Brooklyn with my father from Mexico in 1990. When I was ten, my father was arrested, then deported. Neither of my parents went to college and during most of my teen years, a college education was not something I even considered. I wasn't the best student. I didn't speak “properly.” Growing up, I was constantly told I was “at-risk” because of my economic and environmental circumstances. All of this made me question myself and my future. I have just graduate from the Photography MFA program at ICP-Bard. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampshire College. I have recently been working for two different wrestling organizations, photographing and videotaping the matches and wrestlers for their promotional use and to create content for the organizations’ websites and social media sites. I have studied both digital and analog film and video-making and have spent time developing my skills working with both black & white and color still photography, including 35mm medium and large format. I know Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, InDesign, Final Cut 7, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. I also have knowledge in scanning analog still photographs as well as uploading and digitizing film stock.

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Master of Art: Photography
ICP-Bard, 2018, 24-20 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 Bachelor of Arts: Film/Photography, 2015
Hampshire College, Amherst, Ma 01002
● Final Cut Pro/7
● Adobe Photoshop
● Adobe Lightroom
● Adobe InDesign
● Adobe Premiere
● Platinum/Palladium, Cyanotype, &
Gum Bichromate Printmaking
● Social media
● Lighting expert
● 35mm, medium & large format film ● Traditional and digital printing
● Skilled at printing press operation ● Reel stand operations knowledge ● Expertise in plate making
● Knowledge of paper stock varieties ● Image archiving
● 16/Super 8 Films
● Digital video
Promotional Photographer/Videographer (2017- Present)
House of Glory Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Impact Championship Wrestling , World of Unpredictable Wrestling, Wrestling Has A Tomorrow and Fight the World Wrestling
My photos are used for promotional cards and the organizations social media accounts.
Production Assistant/Still Photographer (June 1, 2016 - September 28, 2016 )
Director, Jim McKay Producer, Caroline Kaplan
Feature Film, On The 7th Day
I assisted in canvassing and flyering for casting in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park and Red Hook. In pre-production I was in charge of photographing and logging all actors at audition sessions and during production I was the on-set photographer.
Assistant Producer ( July 11, 2016 - August 8, 2016)
Director/Writer, Ana Asensio
Feature Film, Most Beautiful Island
On this movie, I was in charge of getting pick-up shots and post-production editing on Premier.
DarkRoom Monitor/ Digital Room Monitor

September 2011- May 2015 Hampshire College- Amherst, MA
As a dark room monitor, it was my job to open up the facility, inventory all chemicals used in printmaking and film developing, mix chemicals for students who needed to print black and white photographs. I also had to make sure the equipment and rooms were clean and that all the enlargers worked properly. I gave feedback on work and assisted the developing of film when needed.
As digital room monitor, I opened up the lab, inventoried the inks, made sure printers were working properly and assisted students in finding the right paper stock for printing. I also assisted with the printing process and answered any photoshop questions that arose.
Teaching Assistant
April 7-June 16 2017- Teen Academy ICP. I was a teacher’s assistant to Curtis WIllocks. This was a black and white medium format introduction class for teenagers. I helped teach kids to use different medium format camera and to sharpen their darkroom printing skills.
January 2015- Hampshire College- I was a TA to Professor Kane Stewart in his 35mm black and white 3 week intensive course. I assisted him in teaching students how to use 35mm cameras and how to print 8 by 10 silver prints in a darkroom.
ICP-Bard Solo Show, Realistic Beauty
April 19- 22, 2018
ICP-Bard Class of 2018 Group Show, Close to Reality
April 14–May 20, 2018
Hampshire College Solo Show, Red Hook, Brooklyn: gentrification April 1, 2015- May 10, 2015
In the Spring of 2014, I studied abroad in Havana, Cuba for 12 weeks where I worked with The National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists. During this time, I took film analysis classes where we studied Cuban films, I learned Cuban Spanish and I directed, shot and edited a 16 minute film composed wholly of verite images, direct sound, and original Cuban music. It is a lyrical and compelling day-in-the-life portrait of a poor Habanera whose time is dominated by constant work--taking in laundry, cleaning neighborhood buildings, cooking sweets to sell on the street, preparing meals for her husband, and keeping her house in order. I was mentored by the Cuban photographer Rene Peña and filmmaker Fernando Perez (Suite Havana).
In June of 2013, I spent 3 weeks in Paris, France where I participated in intensive filmmaking workshops focussed on Super 8 filmmaking and film theory. During this time, I made a Super 8 color film. The film concentrates on the theme of the alter-ego. I played the role of a young man who is led by his double through dream landscapes within the city of Paris.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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