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Faustino Vidal
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Red Hook


ARTIST STATEMENT: My name is Faustino Vidal. I was raised in the Red Hook Houses by my undocumented mother, who came to Brooklyn with my father from Mexico in 1990. When I was ten, my father was arrested, then deported. Neither of my parents went to college and during most of my teen years, a college education was not something I even considered. I wasn't the best student. I didn't speak “properly.” Growing up, I was constantly told I was “at-risk” because of my economic and environmental circumstances. All of this made me question myself and my future. I have just graduate from the Photography MFA program at ICP-Bard. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampshire College. I have recently been working for two different wrestling organizations, photographing and videotaping the matches and wrestlers for their promotional use and to create content for the organizations’ websites and social media sites. I have studied both digital and analog film and video-making and have spent time developing my skills working with both black & white and color still photography, including 35mm medium and large format. I know Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, InDesign, Final Cut 7, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. I also have knowledge in scanning analog still photographs as well as uploading and digitizing film stock.

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Mani is a Cuban snack sold in the streets of Havana by licensed vendors. In Spanish mani translates to peanuts which are sold after being roasted and salted, then packaged in a paper cone. Each cone of mani is sold for one peso cubano or five pesos convertible CUC or five cents in U.S. dollars. El Manisero 24/1 is a short Cinéma vérité documentary which observes the work of a Manisero, Reberto (aka Apollo), while he prepares, then sells his mani. In sharing this work, my aim is for viewers to not only observe a common occupation in Cuba but also understand that this occupation and others like it is a result of the effects of the US embargo. Apollo’s day begins around 1pm when he roasts, salts and sugars his peanuts. By 4pm he is ready to go out and walk around Vedado, a neighborhood in Havana, Cuba. He prepares roughly 100 to150 cones of mani per day. His day doesn't end until he sells all of the mani, sometimes walking and selling until well past 2am. If he sells all of the cones of peanuts, Apollo pockets roughly 100 peso cubano or about 3 Peso Convertible CUC or 3 U.S. dollars.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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