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GOG: A Duo Gordon Owen & Grossman
New York, NY
Neighborhood: Park Slope

ARTIST STATEMENT: GOG: A Duo We are a visual artist and a writer who started collaborating this past year because of our responsiveness to each other's work and our similar visions for a world that would provide all people - regardless of race, age, nationality, religion (or lack of it), and gender - with compassion and justice, as well as sheer creature comforts and beauty. In Ellen's sculptural work, chain link fence material creates structures at once graceful and tortured while her drawings map imaginary terrestrial and celestial topographies. Chris's current writing is set in mythical times and places not to be found on any map. As we explore ways to combine the visual images and text - so far, on a scroll containing both, and in the sculptures designed to "speak" the text - we find ourselves returning to our individual work spaces charged up with new ideas, the very act of collaborating embodying our dream of a world in which people listen and speak together to make decisions. We dedicate our joint work-in-progress to the victims of racist incarcerations and xenophobic deportations and bans. Our speaking sculpture is one segment of a larger work devoted to a reconsideration of the Minotaur myth, which we find as potent and revealing now as it must have been thousands of years ago. The structure itself is both claustrophobic and also almost transparent, and the Minotaur's voice, emerging from a small recorder placed inside it, challenges "truths" too often taken for granted, whether they involve stories we hear as mere entertainment or in the form of punitive, racist stereotypes of the Other in our midst that lead to unjust imprisonments and deportations. In his distress over the role forced on him, the Minotaur implicitly raises questions about our unreliable assumptions: who is actually to blame? and what response to innocence and guilt is "right"? The maze like cell doors that open and close also pose questions: are we locked in or out and by whom - ourselves or our jailers? Are there really no better responses? GOG: A Duo Minotaur Video:

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GOG: A Duo

Chris Gordon Owen:

A native New Yorker, I have meandered and circled back through my lifelong activities the way I trek along urban streets that offer up life, noise, and art over and over. Three of my constants have been writing (of nonfiction and fiction), music (cello), and grassroots resistance to the Way Things Are.

More specifically, in the early 1970s, I earned two Bachelor's degrees (Barnard College, English; Mannes School of Music, cello performance) and a Master's (from Columbia in literature). Interspersed among my academic endeavors, I did freelance music jobs and wrote movie synopses (United Artists), book reviews (New Directions for Women, Publishers Weekly), and blurbs (various publishers and book club publications) - all this followed in 1977-78 by the Hodder Fellowship in independent writing at Princeton (where I was only the second woman recipient).

Late 1970s-early 1980s, I continued writing my own fiction and attending fiction workshops, played quartets, gave birth to my daughter, and took an adjunct job teaching freshman composition (Montclair State). Late 1980s-1990s, I worked as a freelance orchestra player, wrote human interest stories for community sections of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, and copy-edited for the AB Bookman's Weekly as well as for academic presses (with a few romance novels thrown in for variety). Mid-decade my family moved to Seattle, where I wrote for the Seattle Press and Real Change, the respected homeless advocacy newspaper, and participated in on-the-ground homeless advocacy.

My fiction became more experimental in the 2000s, when I also got involved helping my aging mother and new grandsons. Moving back to New York in 2009, I became an active anti-standardized-testing advocate and since then have been helping undocumented immigrants apply for asylum.

In 2017, I made my fiction debut at, followed by print publication in the Chicago Quarterly Review, and visual artist Ellen Grossman and I have embarked on a visual-literary arts collaboration.

Ellen Grossman:


2017 NYFA-2011 NYFA-New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Award for Drawings
2011 NYFA-New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Award for Drawings


1974 Cooper Union, New York, NY
BFA Video and Sculpture


2017 This House In The Sky, New York,NY curator: Karen Fitzgerald

2017 Re:Construction, McKinsey Co., New York,NY
curator: David Terry, NYFA

2016 Slow Art, Foundation at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery
curator: Jeanne Heifetz

2016 Lines, Art Salon, Long Island City, NY
curators: Pamela Matsuda Dunn, Ann Aptaker

2015 Unreality, 11 EME Edition DeLa Mini Foire Salon Zurcher, Paris, France curators: Shaina Yang & Sarah Wang

2015 Group Show, Gran Paradiso, Sorrento, Italy

2015 Echo of Another Dawn, City Bird Gallery, New york, NY
curators: Marion Guiraud & Marie van Eersel

2015 Back To Life, Saint Ann & the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, NY
curators: NYFA Curatorial

2014 Salonukah, Trestle Gallery,Brooklyn, NY
curators: Anthony Tino, Curator/Co-Founder Endless Editions

2014 Time Frames Marking Time, New York, NY
curators: Elisa Decker and Barbara Lubliner

2014 Surface Complex, Art101, Brooklyn, NY
curator: Ellen Rand

2014 Obsession, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
curator: Audrey Frank Anastasi

2013 Flat File Artist of the Week, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Art From the Boros, Denise Bibro FineArts, New York, NY
2012 Prolonged Exposure, RecessionArt, Invisible Dog Gallery, Brooklyn, NY curator: Kaegan Sparks

2011 CurateNYC web gallery
curator: Michael Royce

2011 Words Become Air, Long Island City, NY
curator: Karen Fitzgerald

2010 BowWowHause, New York, NY
curators: Simmy Swinder & Tali Wertheimerr

2010 Nurtureart Benefit Auction, Brooklyn, NY
drawing chosen for inclusion in exhibition and subsequently purchased

2008 ATOA Artists Talk On Art, New York, NY
Objects of Desire II- Auction Fund Raiser-Sundaram Tagore Gallery-drawing purchased

2008 Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY
4 new drawings added to flatfiles Curator: Joe Amrhein

2007 Gallery 744, Newark, NJ
Curator: Yoland Skeete, director of Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center

2006 Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY
sculpture and collaboration with Akiko “Bo” Nishijima

Curator: Clarinda MacLow
2006 Asian American Arts Centre, New York, NY
invited to give slide presentation of work
Curator: Tricia Yunjoo Paik, Department of Drawings, MOMA, NY

2005 Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
Dimensions Variable Curator: Aaron Fine

2005 Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
Curator: Judy Collischan

2005 Pfizer Corp., NY, NY
5 drawings purchased for collection
Curator: Barry Winiker and Therese Sathue

2005 Visual Aids, NY, NY
drawing purchased at benefit

2004 PS122 Gallery, NY, NY
drawing purchased at benefit auction

2004 Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
Drawing Conclusions
Curator: Keith Miller

2004 Choate , Wallingford, CTbr> Looking In/Looking Out
Curator: Ellen Pliskin

2003 The Drawing Center, New York, NY
Accepted into Viewing Program for curatorial review
Slides accepted for inclusion in the Slide Registry
Curator: Luis Camnitzer

2001 Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY
5 drawings included in flatfiles
Curator: Joe Amrhein

1991 Annie Herron’s Test Site Brooklyn, NY
Group Show

1988 The New Waterfront Museum Brooklyn, NY
Small Works Show

1984 Pan Arts NY, NY
Art and Ego, Group Show

1980 Ninth Street Survival Show NY, NY

1980 New York Public Library Tompkins Square Branch, NY, NY One Woman Show (sculpture)

1979 Wards Island Sculpture Library NY, NY
Outdoor Sculpture Show

1978 CAYC International Video Tokyo, Japan
“Opening & Closing the Passage” Video Tape included

1977 The Woman’s InterArt Center NY, NY
Space/Matter 77,

1976 Henry Street Settlement Arts for Living Center NY, NY Participation in Inaugural Show

1975 The Kitchen Center for Music and Video NY, NY- One Woman Show (video)

Warped Departure
water seeks its own level
passage through a chain link cloud
subsequen hills
whatever can go wrong

Ellen Grossman
Mobile: (917) 648-7942

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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