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Rachel Garber Cole
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a filmmaker and performance artist, and primarily make experimental videos rooted in language and the performative body. I externalize the intimate, interior experiences of shame and anxiety, articulating these feelings so as to release them from the repressed psyche. Humor and absurdity are common tools I employ to make people feel comfortable confronting uncomfortable realities. Hopefully by airing out my own shameful anxieties, I make legible for others their own ‘intimate interiors.’ Within this context, my films are explicitly feminist in perspective and explore issues such as gender, bodies, climate change, consumerism and language. I often center the performance around my own body, using it as a vehicle to reflect society’s projected fantasies and desires, and to celebrate the imaginative and grotesque. My background is in theater, and in my videos I often nod to a vaudevillian tradition. I like to play with the expansive language of theatre inside the limitations of the digital video screen, creating theatrical, surreal and claustrophobically self-contained worlds. I employ a ‘homemade’ aesthetic; papier mache, construction paper and cardboard build out the visual landscape. Rather than use the magic of filmmaking to make ‘accurate’ representations, I prefer to exploit the potential of the lens to make the minutiae visible and the digital tactile.

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305 Bergen Street, 2A Brooklyn, NY 11217
617.851.1257 /

Awards and Recognitions
Residency, Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, Ithaca, NY, 2018
Residency and Fellowship, NARS International Residency Program, 2017
Residency, Ucross Foundation, Wyoming, 2017

Residency, ISLAND Hill House, East Jordan, MI, 2014

Residency, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL, 2014
Residency, The Studios at Key West, Key West, FL, 2014

Grant Recipient, Brooklyn Arts Council’s Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide (SPARC), 2014
Grant Recipient, Brooklyn Arts Council Community Arts Fund, 2012

Selected Group Screenings, Exhibitions and Performances

Show #47 DEEP STRETCH, curated by Sara Maria Salamone & Tyler Lafreniere, Field Projects
Gallery, New York City, online exhibition
2017 A Real Piece of Work, 7Cinema, Low Res Bar, Brooklyn, NY

Peer2Peer, Finnish Cultural Institute, Present Company, Brooklyn, NY
Fem/Cine/Anarchy, Bluestocking Film Festival Screening Series, Portland, ME
Various Existential Angst, NARS Summer Residency Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY
Grrl Haus Cinema, curated by Anastasia Cazabon, Berlin, Germany
Make It Short: Love, Bushwick Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Cheaters, Queens World Film Festival, Museum of Moving Images, Queens, NY

Grrl Haus Cinema, curated by Anastasia Cazabon, Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA

Bushwick Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Nonplussed Fest, Nonplus Ultra, Los Angeles, CA

Trenton Film Festival, Trenton, NJ

Queens World Film Festival, Queens, NY

Slim Cinema, New York, NY

Black Bear Film Festival, Milford, PA

Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA

Sedona Film Festival, Sedona, AZ

L’Inconnu Film Festival, Paris, France

Norwich Underground Film Club, Norwich, England

Videology, Brooklyn, NY

Underexposed: Heat, Animoto, New York, NY

3 Short Films by Rachel Garber Cole, Institute for Sustainable Living Art and Design, Bellaire, MI

Open Studios, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, IL

Rachel Cole, Singer/Songwriter Presents: A Variety Show for the Hungry Heart: Cameo Lounge, Brooklyn, NY

Portobello Film Festival, London, England

Vortex Cinema Club, Doopo Doopo Art Gallery, London, England

NewFilmmakers Series, Anthology Film Archives, New York

Cinema Club, IndieScreen, Brooklyn, NY

Ugly Anatomy (Performance by Rachel and the Elf): The Pit, New York

Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY

Buried Together (Performance by Rachel and the Elf): The Pit, New York

Big Cheat, Newton North High School, Newton, MA

Fame: I’m Gonna Live Forever, I’m Gonna Learn How to Fly, The Pit, New York

Moments Are Intensely Painful: The Tank Theater, New York

Ongoing Events
Bring Your Own Film: a monthly film and video open mic, Creator and Host, Shoestring Press, Brooklyn, NY

BA in Theatre Arts, Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN, Graduation 2007

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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