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Yejin Yoo
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: Yejin Yoo (b. Seoul, South Korea) holds BFA and MFA with an emphasis in painting and installation, and MPS Art Therapy from School of Visual Arts, NY. Yoo uses the digital space as an extension of a studio practice that is based on emotional and individual expressions. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY practicing art, and facilitating art therapy and holistic support groups for nonprofit organizations.
Yoo’s medium-referential photo work is inspired by the inherent aesthetic qualities of the tools used: Camera lenses, monitors, paper, printer ink, etc. Similar to how paint is utilized in paintings as both the medium to depict pictures, as well as for its unique physicality as a material, digital mediums become both pronounced aesthetic ingredients and also the means for the production of imageries in Yoo’s work. As a result, the boundaries between the process and product — and tool and subject — are softened. Pictures taken in a range of modes (iPhone photos, screenshots, pictures of photographs on monitors, pictures of printed photographs) are juxtaposed to further incorporate the experience during the creative process as the integral element of the finished image. Yoo works toward making visible the digital and local qualities of pictures where the immateriality of digital aesthetics — noise, blurriness, inverted color, enlarged pixelation — amplifies the materiality of the imagery. She is guided by a paradoxical catharsis in which visceral textures become invitations to drop in deeper under the surface and something forgotten yet familiar can be recognized and reclaimed in the psyche of the viewers.
The process of working through physical materials and transforming them in the virtual computer space, which can be viewed on the web or printed on paper again, simulates for her the intradependent human conditions of body, mind and spirit. Like the waxing and waning of the moon cycle, this multi-layered process creates a rhythm that is similar to life, and allows for a meditation on the progression of time and timelessness. Stemming from the traditional abstract painting language, in the core of Yoo’s work lies the inner necessity to dissolve dialectical tensions — chaos and peace, creation and surrender — in order to generate a new dialogue. Visual intuiting allows for a space where a sense of wholeness and fractalized metamorphic desires can be experienced at a same vibration — the resonant creative force of unfolding and reunion.

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2017, video - computer graphic over 5"x7" mixed media artist book (Silver Book 2012), 06:23 minutes

Turtle Tooth, 2017, video - computer graphic over work on 9"x12" vellum paper (Turtle Thumb, 2012), 12:21 minutes

2017, video - computer graphic over 6"x9" mixed media artist book (WIP, 2012), 03:44 minutes

2017, 3D animation, 01:04 minutes


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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