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Katherine Harrison
Jackson Heights, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: Inner Peace: Connecting with Your Higher Self For the past ten years, I found time to relax by creating collages. The practice of meditative art reduces stress and keeps peace within. It encourages individual exploration and enhances a positive self-image. This healing ritual presents enlightenment and a more optimistic view for life’s resolutions. I have developed bodies of work (Bmindful, Victorious Warriors, Spiritual Beings, Kings and Queens, Human Nature, Cityscapes, Seascapes, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi) that reflect strength and resilience in the face of adversity. The concept of color, line and form has led me along a journey that reinforces my life’s purpose to inspire individuals who cope with anxiety and depression. We may not have mental wellness and clarity during unstable times because our focus is misplaced. As with all matters, things work out one way or another and the experience is just another step towards building a better you. When you feel that inner peace, there is a connection with Body, Mind, and Spirit. I view all forms of art as a passionate reflection of life and spirit! Change does not happen overnight, or with each struggle. It’s a building process that happens when you bear your soul and feel the presence of a greater being than yourself. Patience and humility are virtues that make each day of life worth living. I remind myself often to let go of the past and live in the present! Katherine Harrison 2018 Instagram colormymood38 Facebook acct. Katherine Harrison  """""""""""""""""""""""""" Live Each Moment I practice meditative art with collages that reflect resilience and enlightenment. This process inspires me to breathe, surrender, change, and grow through brilliant colors of hope, encouragement, and peace. Mixed medium is magazine print, adhesive, and recycled cardboard which is archived into a digital print. Living in the present moment (mindfulness) allows me to focus on personal goals and resolve issues. I concentrate on ways to transform stress and anxiety into positive energy and remain pro-active. I began to develop a consciousness of mental and spiritual well-being. Honor the Spirit! Katherine Harrison 2018

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Katherine Harrison
Contemporary Artist

Queens, NY 11372
Cell: 347-858-0278

I want to motivate individuals who seek alternate methods of coping with mental health issues. I presently seek a venue for Color My Mood Exhibition, Coping with Collages, a digital print installation. Mental health is a growing issue which affects many individuals and should be a priority in our restoration of social conditions.

2017 2nd Floor Gallery at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Building, NYC
(May-June 2017), Solo Exhibit, A Sense of Well-Being, The Power of
Mind, Body and Spirit,18x24 and 11x17 collage reproduction prints

2015 The Kymberle Project for Performance Artists in Brooklyn, NYC (May
2015), BMindful©2013 Series Exhibition, collage reproduction prints
(multiple sizes)

2013 Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center, Queens, NYC
(September-October 2013); Solo Exhibit, Victorious Warriors,
11x17 collage reproduction prints

2012 The 54th Fulton Art Fair in Brooklyn, NYC (July 2012); mixed media
collage prints

2012 Grand Old Group Show at Soho Gallery for Digital Art, NYC (June 2012);
BMindful©2008, digital installation (mixed media collage)

2012 Yes We Can For Progress and Build a Better Planet Gala for Haiti, NYC
(February 2012); donated four 8x11 collage prints for auction; Mother
and Child, Sisters, It Is Well Within My Soul, and Believe

2008 Empire State College, New York (Brooklyn Campus) Collaboration of
Artists showing with Raul Manzano, Each Moment I and Each Moment II,
20 x 30 inches, mixed media collage story boards

2007 Empire State College, New York (Hudson Campus) Student Achievement
Award for Exhibition of Symbolic, 60 x 90 inches, macrame on
mudcloth, mixed media

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Human Services at SUNY’s Empire State College in 2008 and aspire to further my education in Fine Arts and Graphic Arts and Design. Before I graduated, I took one semester of drawing sketch class and assisted an art professor, Raul Manzano, for another semester on a Manhattan museum tour. Empire State held two Art Exhibitions on separate campuses in which I participated in and received an Achievement Award for Student Community Service. My first exhibit “Untitled ” portrays a symbolic fabric quilt constructed with organic mixed media. The second exhibit was sponsored by Mr. Manzano and featured two 20x30 inch collages entitled, “Each Moment I” and “Each Moment II”. These collages focused on overcoming adversity through emotional awareness.

I started sketching and painting six months ago and have a series entitled "Elevate Mood" with text on 16x20 canvas. Another body of work entitled "BMindful" is expansive and available for a video installation. Third project "Human Nature" explores the complexities of how we cope with everyday challenges, and the images are non-human.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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