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Joseph B Pravda
Davenport, FL
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

ARTIST STATEMENT: Why’s the ‘status quo’ got a Latin name, or Toward a Beat-ified Hagiography: From Human, to Humane The Cosmos ‘writes’ code for K-e-r-o-u-a-c-s, a newer kind of human(e), that kind, sacrificially, vividly punctuating modernity---as if it is described by some harsh, imprisoning overarching ‘sentence’---- his/these high minds acting as sympathetic jailers holding many keys to the cleansing doors of different seeing, flying beyond the arbitrary bounds of pedestrian existence. In another seminal time, the Baby Boom (that ends, now, in Eliot’s ‘Whimper‘), invitation was received, briefly, to cross that threshold; but our reactionary, self-imposed ‘sentence’ discarded any voice exceeding three decades’ brea(d)th, scrawling onto our little page the strident, paranoid whining of perversion. While a few rock stars rocked our ‘whirled’ with these seers’ blandishments, too often that liberation was seized upon as libertine. Blake, Poe, Rimbaud, Pound, Eliot, Kerouac had won for us a temporary reprieve from the penning of so dreary a sentence as is now served, few able, even wanting to awaken from contented, increasingly solitary confinement within our ever-dividing cells* to their rarefied alarming. Warhol may have been that whimper’s last claim to literal fame, the newest deity; he, and us, auto-deified, for our deservedly short quarter hour. Eliot’s hollow (wo)men now pollute McCluhan’s global habitat of the ‘mined‘, each’s other-authored expression, now, personally sound-tracked, video-graphed, cell-phoned into electronic troglogdytic, post-verbalizations, without Lascaux’s sacredly original pre-verbal symbology. Such merely technical ‘revolutionary’ change, without soulful evolution, is the same old tale of devolution, with new ‘B’ actors. Why’s the ‘status quo’ got a Latin name?! Those punctuators among us must strive to ’win’ our appeal of that sentence in that same vein of evolutionary crossover---what Poe described as ‘unmasking which also tears away the face’---as advocates for the suspension of this ‘all-too-human’ sentence with that pregnant (e), for good behavior. Indeed, if all the 'whirled's a 'stage', it's stuck in adolescence. Let us go, then, you and I, and bring our ‘e’ to that essential appeal, an appeal 'staged' for audiences at all stages.

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A Brief History of (MY) Time By Joseph Baron Pravda
Born Brooklyn, NY, graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism, began a career in law in 1971, recruited at that university’s law school for service as a ‘kid’ lawyer with the Federal Government during Watergate, where he immediately ‘Felt’ something was amiss; later as lobbyist and private businessman. He has been a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including microfiction/flash fiction as well as full length and One Act Plays (he often illustrates his own work via storyboarding, etc.; apropos this artform, of late he has, e.g., designed a new logo for UNESCO’s DREAM Centers, via ). A 10 page excerpt from his play ‘Patsy’, involving a fated ‘reunion’ of JFK Jr. & the oldest daughter of Lee and Marina Oswald, won him a highly competitive place at the Kennedy Center summer 2006, with subsequent lifetime privileges at the annual Intensives featuring such literati as Marsha Norman, Steven Dietz, et. Al. A cancer survivor, now fully recovered and active as a ‘try’-athlete, he writes/paints/designs full time, his writing and visual art having been published in ebook and other electronic media, as well as print; his diversity writing is featured exclusively by the Office of Diversity Initiatives, Office of the President, University of Central Florida website.

1/June 2006-present: Diversity writing published via exclusive invitation by major university ;
2/July 2006: Chosen as 1 of 19 nationwide for KCPA Playwriting Intensives;
3/March 2007: Play 'Road Scholar' staged by i its 6th Annual Political Theatre Festival;
4/August 2007: SavMo Productions & completed filming of my play 'Self Portrait with Giant Squid', a sendup of Warholian superficiality;
5/August 2008-present: Collaboration with award-winning French-American filmmaker Patrick Barry on various projects:;
6/December 2008: Play 'Under the Pillow' selected for staging by San Franciso impresario Martin David;
7/December 2010-present: Collaboration on RejuveNationz Project (a virtual UN, run by tweenz) with Dr. Roger D. Nelson, Ph.D.:;
8/February 2011: Finalist, 20th Anniversary Commemorative Pin, Orlando International Fringe Festival';
9/2011: Painting 'Contretemps' included in Lilly Oncology on Canvas biennial national touring exhibition;
10/January 2011: Disquisition on Judah P. Benjamin recommended for publication a la biography by distinguished award-winning Professor of History;
11/April 2011: Tapped as Contributing Columnist by New York's Andmagazine, in the company of such luminaries as Arianna Huffington, (;
12/April 2011: Visual Art repped by A R S, Inc., 536 Broadway, 5th Fl., NY, NY 10012 (
13/ Ongoing Since 2009: Consulting Recruiter to R.A.Brilliant, Inc., LA, California re: TV Arts & Sciences
14/April 2011: Visual Art Exhibition @ the 8th International Acquisitions Exhibition for Artists with Disabilities, Viewpoint Gallery, Schenectady, NY
15/August 2011: Invited to E.T.C. @ Carnegie-Mellon University by Co-Founder (with the late Randy Pausch) for Case Study collaboration on miscellaneous e-commerce venture concepts
16/December 2011: Finalist, Clapboard House Literary Magazine Fiction Contest Judged by Professor & Acclaimed Author, Gerald Duff
17/December 2011: Third Place Winner, 4th Annual D.G. Flammand Nonviolence Writing Contest
18/January-February 2012 : Multimedia Exhibition, 'Uncle Remus Redux: Times Goes By Turns', Catskills/Greene County, NY
19/Selected As Winning Writer, 1 of 39 Among 2200 from 17 Nations and 28 States, , International Competition, Billboard Exhibition, Sarasota Bay, Florida, April24-May, 2012
20/ JFKennedy Center for the Performing Arts-Based International Disabled Artists Registry;
21/ St. Louis based sports ezine, recently lauded by ESPN Magazine; JBPravda co-winner in biennial limited edition playing card contest
22/Artwork selected for
23/One Act Play, 'Marshall Law', produced for 6 performances December 2016 in NY's Times Square via Manhattan Repertory Theatre
24/'Seer', feature film/TV Pilot filmed at Valencia College, Orlando, Fl., East Campus, December 2016 via Eric Fleming's Film Production Technology facilities; [formerly worked with Ron Howard's Prodco,]
25/Playwright for American Shakespeare Center's 'Modern Contemporaries' series--3 full-length plays submitted for extant competition; if selected, will be performed in tandem with companion Bardic work for 20 year term ['A Virulent Strain', paired with 'Henry IV, Pt. 1; 'Entailed Space/Time, Apace', paired with 'A Winter's Tale'; 'Dubliner Doubles Troubles @ Trieste', paired with 'The Comedy of Errors']; deadline for submission this Round: February 2018, these works submitted November, 2017


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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