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Joseph B Pravda
Davenport, FL
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

ARTIST STATEMENT: Why’s the ‘status quo’ got a Latin name, or Toward a Beat-ified Hagiography: From Human, to Humane The Cosmos ‘writes’ code for K-e-r-o-u-a-c-s, a newer kind of human(e), that kind, sacrificially, vividly punctuating modernity---as if it is described by some harsh, imprisoning overarching ‘sentence’---- his/these high minds acting as sympathetic jailers holding many keys to the cleansing doors of different seeing, flying beyond the arbitrary bounds of pedestrian existence. In another seminal time, the Baby Boom (that ends, now, in Eliot’s ‘Whimper‘), invitation was received, briefly, to cross that threshold; but our reactionary, self-imposed ‘sentence’ discarded any voice exceeding three decades’ brea(d)th, scrawling onto our little page the strident, paranoid whining of perversion. While a few rock stars rocked our ‘whirled’ with these seers’ blandishments, too often that liberation was seized upon as libertine. Blake, Poe, Rimbaud, Pound, Eliot, Kerouac had won for us a temporary reprieve from the penning of so dreary a sentence as is now served, few able, even wanting to awaken from contented, increasingly solitary confinement within our ever-dividing cells* to their rarefied alarming. Warhol may have been that whimper’s last claim to literal fame, the newest deity; he, and us, auto-deified, for our deservedly short quarter hour. Eliot’s hollow (wo)men now pollute McCluhan’s global habitat of the ‘mined‘, each’s other-authored expression, now, personally sound-tracked, video-graphed, cell-phoned into electronic troglogdytic, post-verbalizations, without Lascaux’s sacredly original pre-verbal symbology. Such merely technical ‘revolutionary’ change, without soulful evolution, is the same old tale of devolution, with new ‘B’ actors. Why’s the ‘status quo’ got a Latin name?! Those punctuators among us must strive to ’win’ our appeal of that sentence in that same vein of evolutionary crossover---what Poe described as ‘unmasking which also tears away the face’---as advocates for the suspension of this ‘all-too-human’ sentence with that pregnant (e), for good behavior. Indeed, if all the 'whirled's a 'stage', it's stuck in adolescence. Let us go, then, you and I, and bring our ‘e’ to that essential appeal, an appeal 'staged' for audiences at all stages.

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