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Erik Bergrin
brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: I start with searching inside myself things that I would like to further explore. This is I use my practice as a form of investigating truths within myself, and therefore mirroring truths within other people. often in an abstract form that has to be materialized into a concrete idea. It could be a darkness within myself, the psychological idea behind why something was done, or a breakdown into whats happening in the mind during a certain time. In order to create anything, an enormous amount of mental energy has to be put into it. Investigation of the idea, how to make it come across, all the while questioning if your being sensitive enough to the materials. By putting this mental energy into something, the idea is worked and developed until an answer remains. By using these sensitivities, the goal is to create the most genuine and real sculptures that are possible. Once the viewer sees them, it can strike something inside, causing a change within themselves. Coming from a background in costume design and building, I use the materials and processes used in clothing construction to investigate the body sculpturally. Rather than divorcing the materials from their connection to the body in terms of clothing, I am inspired by the shapes that the body can provide as a base for the construction of objects. My work relates to the possibility of housing a person without giving that particular individual an identity. These works are formed as if surrounding a body, rather than mimicking or delineating the figure. My works acts as sculptural vessel for a potential body, rather than having the function of a wearable piece. I use materials as cultural symbols. Using fiber in its relation to tradition, and techniques such as weaving, coiling, sewing, and embroidery I am very interesting in the study of indigenous cultures and how they relate to my own The work is based in personal myth. I am inspired by narratives and experiences pertaining to human psychology, and the investigation of the mind. I make it very apparent that the hand is being used to make the pieces, showing the intimate process involved. I try and make my work as real, genuine, and with as little ego as possible in order to add some tenderness to the viewer. I see a lack of being in touch with yourself in contemporary American culture. This is the culture I was born into and live in and what I do is a reflection of this. The work is derived from the power and wish to give what I see the need for.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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