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KS Brewer
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: I combine video-based work with elements of installation, sculpture, and performance. My practice addresses the experience of psychological trauma and its personal and collective impacts. Touching on everything from sexual violence, human rights, power structures, alienation, objectification, and more, I combine my study of the psychology of trauma with aspects of mythology, history, and world cultures, viewed from an inherently feminist perspective. Often spooky, uncanny, or discomfiting, my work aims to use the immediacy created through its time-based and multi-sensory approach to create an instinctive emotional connection, but also vulnerability - encouraging audiences to examine their own reactions and associations. By appealing directly to viewers’ senses and emotions, I attempt to bypass the barriers to communication that trauma creates, and translate unspeakable experiences into an accessible, relatable means of feeling connected, understood, and validated.

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  • Doubled Up in Your Image
    Immersive, interactive video sculpture installation - participants enter a post-traumatic impression of a bedroom, composed of sculptures, videos, paintings, sounds, and scents that manifest the insid

  • Bed/ Cave
    Wood, combustion, hardware, fabric, chickenwire, acrylic paint, foam, mattress, projector, speakers
    64"w x 84"l x 72"h
    A burnt bed with arched covers gives the impression that someone’s lying inside. Its mattress sits on top of a plywood box. Participants can climb onto the bed, lift the covers, and descend thro

  • Bed/ Cave + Exhaust
    Various, including single-channel video, projector, foam, fabric
    Approx. 60x60x60"
    A burnt bed with arched covers gives the impression that someone’s lying inside. Its mattress sits on top of a plywood box. Participants can climb onto the bed, lift the covers, and descend thro

  • Exhaust
    Single-channel video, 10:08 min.
    This meditative video uses smoke as a metaphor for toxic emotion and emotional release. The exposed and isolated form constantly expels this physicalized form of her duress in a cathartic yet unfulfil

  • Narciss/us
    Wood, acrylic, hydrocal, monitor, camcorder, cables, hardware, combustion
    8"w x 31.5"l x 78"h each
    Twin burnt vanities with mirrors (one not pictured) face each other across a distance, and show a live video feed of the back of viewers' heads - creating a fractal-like infinite series of distor

  • Get Out of My Room
    Lamp parts, silk, combustion, plastic, lightbulb, light organ, amplifier, mp3 player
    5"w x 5"l x 30"h
    Twin burned sconce lights (one not pictured) translate an unheard voice screaming "get out of my room" into burst of light. Inspired by the artist's mothers personal history and the myt

  • Echo's Bouquet
    Acrylic paint, beeswax, tire rubber on canvas, wood frame, combustion
    24x36" canvas, 32x44" in frame
    Simultaneously reminiscent of a Rorschach blot, mushroom cloud, and symmetrical floral bouquet, the painting uses its color palette and symbolic flowers to imply a traumatic narrative based on the myt

  • Leather-bound Security Cameras (series of 5)
    Toy camera, motion sensor, leather, thread, brass nail
    6"l x 3"w x 6"h
    These functional sculptures contain motion censors and respond to movement, giving viewers the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. Each is skinned in hand-sewn leather, lending them a subtle kinki

  • Regular Programming
    Single-channel video, 2:36 min.
    Regular Programming addresses a culture of social control, voyeuristic surveillance, and shaming of women. The film manifests the desire for freedom from these constraints through a woman’s unab

  • Hungry
    Single-channel video, 5:18 min.
    Hungry takes place within the protagonist's fantasy, in which she desperately makes out with a chocolate bust of a man until it collapses. The film focuses on the visceral details of their encoun

  • Hungry Sculpture
    Chocolate, plastic, wood, hardware
    26h x 18l x 8w"
    Originally a highly detailed life cast, the statue is eaten live as a performance piece.

  • Hungry Fragments
    Urethane Resin
    6"l x 2"w x 3"h
    This sculptural series recreates a fragment from the shattered head of ‘Hungry’s’ chocolate statue. The red hue recalls the original bust’s color and connotes obsession, passio

  • Red Viewer
    2017 - present
    Red jumpsuit, mirrored helmet, monitor, phone camera, red wheeled box, computer
    A red jumpsuit, red latex gloves and toe socks, and a mirrored helmet covers my body. A cable runs out the back of my neck and connects to a TV encased in a red box on wheels. The TV monitor displays

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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