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Pedro Osakar
New York, NY
Neighborhood: Crown Heights


ARTIST STATEMENT: From the outset his artistic career has expressed the central topics of his research; the phenomenon of limits, ambiguity in traditional art disciplines and the approach to the artistic task from a fun­damentally conceptual and anthropological point of view. From the questioning of the role undertaken by the image through to the construction processes of a look, there is a recurrent interest in uncovering the contradictions that help us situate ourselves in the face of artistic work and, therefore, in the face of reality. Recently the work with images has given way to a greater protagonism of the text through signs and models of the spaces and places. The writ­ten word takes the place of the image. During this time he has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Shows, Biennials and Compe­titions. He has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions and his artwork forms part of both prívate and public collections.

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Born in Pamplona-lruña in 1965. BA in Fine Arts in the University of the Basque Country in 1988. PhD Fine Arts University of Granada in 1993.
Professor of Painting Department of Fine Arts at Universidad of Granada.

2019 - POST NO BILLS. Museo de Huelva. España.Ministerio de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía.
2018 - Kiosk Project. Centro José Guerrero. Granada.
2017 - Citizens. Identity and difference. happyluckyn1 Gallery. Brooklyn.
2016 - Nowhere-Oceanun Mare. Museo de Cádiz. Casa Pinillos. Cádiz. Ministerio de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía.
2015 - Inventario 25/50. Asunción Lozano / Pedro Osakar. 1990/2015. Azucarera del Genil. Santa Fe. Granada.
2012 - Escena y Estructura. TRN-Lab. Granada. Exposición con Iván López Izquierdo.
2011 - Think City-Political Images in public spaces. Pensar la Ciudad-Imágenes Políticas en el espacio público. Universidad de Jaén.
2009 - The Reality Games-Los Juegos de la Realidad. Instituto de América. Centro Damián Bayón. Santa Fé. Granada y Sala de Armas. Ciudadela. Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
2007 - Pedro Osakar. Sala de Exposiciones de Caja Extremadura. Cáceres.
- On Blackboard. Proyectos. Galería MECA. Mediterráneo Centro Artístico. Almería.
In close relationship with his personal work, he publishes the following books: El objeto artístico: Reflexión y método-The artistic object: Re­flection and method, in 1994 and La arquitectura del viaje-Architecture of the trip, in 1995.
From his individual exhibitions we can highlight Entre límites-Between limits, in the Culture Hall at the Castillo de Maya in Pamplona-lruña in 1989. Buenos días tristeza-Bonjour Tristesse-Good morning sadness-BonjourTristesse, in the Durango Art and History Museum in 1990. Pedro Osakar,
Painting Exhibition at the Dieciséis Gallery in San Sebastian-Donosti in 1991. Vitrinas-Showcases, in the Gustavo de Maesztu Museum in Este­lla-Lizarra in 1993. Arcades Project, Painting, sculpture and photography exhibition. Juan Bravo Culture Hall in Madrid in 1999.
La Ciudad lmprobable-The lmprobably City, exhibition at the Sandunga Gallery in Granada in 2000 is the first individual exhibition he holds in Andalusia. lt is followed by: Twin Blackboards, in the Art Space at the Azucarera Contemporary Art in Granada in 2002, Projects. On Blackboards, at the M.E.C.A. Gallery in Almería, and the Caja Castilla la Mancha Exhibition Hall in Cáceres in 2007, and The Reality Games-Los Juegos de la Realidad, at the American lnstitute of Santa Fe (Granada) and the Arms Hall, at the Pamplona Citadel in 2009 and 2010.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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