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Bryan Krueger Last Updated: 05/03/11
Using photography, I explore the relationship between the viewer and image in order to arrive at a more reciprocal relationship between the two.
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Zachary Skinner Last Updated: 11/25/14
Zachary Skinner received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, practicing painting, sound and interdisciplinary installation. His political artwork draws from Occupy Wall Street, Green Politics and non-violent resistance.
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Mandad Last Updated: 11/15/15
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Bernard Hallstein Last Updated: 07/31/17
Mixed Media, Photography, Wood Carving
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Christopher M Ursini Last Updated: 07/14/15
My work deals with continual line as an exploration of the seen and unseen complexity of the interactions throughout life.
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Makeela B Amani Last Updated: 11/23/15
Charged imagery that smack convention!
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Erin Treacy Last Updated: 10/22/19
I am interested in how our environment depicts time through layers of growth and decay, serving as a visual metaphor for our own internal worlds. Both are in constant states of change – morphing and diverging we expand in our world.
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Sara E Jean-Baptiste Last Updated: 10/02/16
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Leo Tecosky Last Updated: 12/20/16
I blow glass into a collage of sculptural typography and Oriental decorative motifs.
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Johnny Tang Last Updated: 02/13/17
Somewhere between eye candy and mind candy is where I want my work to live, and my process is all about maintaining that balance.
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Leslie Mutchler Last Updated: 02/11/21
The collaborative practice of Leslie Mutchler and Jason Urban is about the pursuit of knowledge and meaning.
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Jason Urban Last Updated: 02/11/21
The collaborative practice of Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler is about the pursuit of knowledge and meaning.
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Ciara OKelly Last Updated: 03/21/19
My work takes the form of large scale 3D modelled video installations incorporating both digital and physical entities.
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