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Matthew C Wilson Last Updated: 11/13/15
Matthew C. Wilson is an artist working in a variety of media including installation, sculpture, video, and site specific action; his work distills constellations extracted from entwined natural, historical, cultural, and economic process.
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Leigh E. Davis Last Updated: 01/26/16
I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating socially minded projects that are deeply personal and anthropologically rich. My projects work to foster connections between viewers and community members, and to encourage dialogue.
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Larry Racioppo Last Updated: 10/05/12
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Dmitry Borshch Last Updated: 06/24/18
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Robin Antar Last Updated: 11/26/14
Realism in stone, captures American culture in stone.
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Felipe Baeza Last Updated: 01/18/11
My work utilizes my biography not only to explore personal experience but also to provide a lens for the persistent effects of social institutions and cultural practices on the individual. Addressing everything from immigration to sexuality
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Boris Rasin Last Updated: 03/07/11
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Greg Singer Last Updated: 03/16/11
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David DiPasquale Last Updated: 01/27/19
My paintings deal with the spiritual, otherworldly qualities of light in a landscape of the ideal, existing on the threshold of the corporeal and spiritual, allowing the viewer to contemplate the landscape while exploring the inner vista.
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Kreerath Sunittramat Last Updated: 03/26/13
Kreerath Sunittramat or Donut is a Thai born artist and photographer who is based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently he is a student in Master of Fine Art Program in Photography at Parson The New School For Design.
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Yiji Hong Last Updated: 03/12/13
My works conceptually encompasses ideas of mortality, memory and longing and I hope it is balanced someplace between the poetic and the rational.
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Laura Karetzky Last Updated: 07/12/17
My work comprises a visual diary, where each instant is isolated as a fragment of a larger and often unresolved narrative. My process seeks to explore those instances when we feel as if we are mere observers to our own circumstance.
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Sds Sds Last Updated: 10/13/14
I am a writer and poet so I come to my visual art through my writing, which is why my pieces often have words. As to the politics, I believe that street art, political posters, and graffiti play the role in our culture that folk music once did. They are t
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Manju Shandler Last Updated: 09/29/19
I am a mixed media artist who isolates contemporary phenomena and illustrates it using a mythical lens. My plastic tapestries, intimate sculptures and sewn collage create landscapes imbued with elastic meaning.
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Jake Mezrahi Last Updated: 01/28/19
I paint about my experiences and my American - Jewish - Iranian - Iraqi background.
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Leni Smoragdova Last Updated: 07/10/15
Smoragdova is the author of the Transaction Art’s ideas.
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Jeremy Mezarina Last Updated: 11/05/15
My drawings and paintings reflect on my imagination. Based on what I see, like a scene in New York City, a historical painting or even Star Trek. Sometimes I combine them like a trash in NYC and I also use a lot of colors in artworks.
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M.TT Last Updated: 07/14/17
NYC streetscapes.
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Marja Elina Hakaniemi Last Updated: 06/30/16
Oilpainteing is here giveing place for cellophone fotography, it's handy. Fotographyes has been mounted to huge pile of unseen material. Also videoArt made whit cellophone video Camera. After I became robbed, I started to work whit lapto
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Ginny Huo Last Updated: 12/08/16
I use mixed media to reconstruct personal narratives and cultural modern myths dictated in a system of communication through re-imagined collaboration and play.
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