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Isabelle Garbani Last Updated: 01/29/14
I work in mixed media, using feminine crafts such as knitting, crochet and lace with recycled materials, thematically focusing on the cultural significance of technology.
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Tom Bovo Last Updated: 05/08/10
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Maksymowicz Virginia Last Updated: 08/23/10
For the past ten years, I have been interested in juxtaposing the female body with architecture in ways that become visual metaphors for the societal roles women play.
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Veronika Golova Last Updated: 07/11/17
My paint is a chimeric substance that is both living and artificial. The paintings are endowed with buried romantic notions, but have begun to take on more tactile human qualities. They heave and sigh.
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Ed Barnas Last Updated: 08/10/10
Brooklyn-based photographer whose current projects include documenting burlesque performance (Portraits in Performance, Performance in Motion), trees in the city (City Trees, Urban Roots) and street art (Faces on the City).
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Alexandra Vainshtein Last Updated: 12/06/10
I have always been intrigued by black and white photography and have been inspired by scenes as close as my Brooklyn neighborhood and as far away as Europe. I am constantly trying to create unique photographs from familiar scenes in New Yor
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Alexander Shapiro Last Updated: 03/01/11
I am a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, animator, and teaching artist.
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Larry - Siegel Last Updated: 10/11/11
Fine Art Photography
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Sheree Tams Last Updated: 12/13/17
Design for Performance
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AnneMarie Grillasca Last Updated: 02/17/13
My most recent works are a series of images from my dreams.
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Stephanie Noblet Last Updated: 03/14/14
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Avani R Patel Last Updated: 08/02/19
My paintings invite the viewer to wander through a universe of color and pattern in motion - a world of energy in music manifested in visual form. In the small universe I altered and accepted life of being, from everyday appreciation th
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George Barecca Last Updated: 07/27/18
My work renders, in the closest manner, my vision of the world and what may lie beneath.
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Dominic Montuori Last Updated: 05/18/15
Abstraction is the language of my work and it gives me the opportunity to invent new forms, which are derived from a gathering and collecting of worldwide information.
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Elena Soterakis Last Updated: 03/04/15
Oil and mixed media works on paper that deal with the destruction of the natural environment and consumerism.
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James M Emerson Last Updated: 03/16/15
Above all, my focus is on making beautiful pieces—visually powerful and harmonious to the senses—that can play their part in moving us forward on the path of human progress.
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Karen A Blankenship Last Updated: 08/25/17
My art focuses on organic forms in abstraction. I am interested in the flow, the familiarity, the feel and what is seen within.
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Virginia Maksymowicz Last Updated: 10/31/17
Sculptural installation and two-dimensional work that explores the link between the human body and architecture, with specific emphasis on the female form and its metaphorical implications.
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Beryl Brenner Last Updated: 11/07/15
Good art removes the viewer's subjective, erroneous interpretation and opens a window to the intention of the artist who creates the piece.
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Paola Lorenzana Last Updated: 02/12/17
Artistic and Commercial Photographer, Art lover.
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