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Asya Dodina / Slava Polishchuk Last Updated: 07/19/10
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Kathleen A McSherry Last Updated: 06/25/14
Born, raised and lived in Brooklyn. It will always be "home" to me.
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Ann Marie Napoli Last Updated: 11/06/11
My inspiration truly comes from those who are in my life, my family, and from the very private world I express within myself. I especially enjoy painting and sketching faces as the main focus of my work.
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Tali Margolin Last Updated: 12/20/16
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Nicholas Chistiakov Last Updated: 03/28/15
My work is an exploration of the darkest sides of human nature. My work ranges from photorealism to geometric abstraction.
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Pamella Allen Last Updated: 09/14/15
Expressionism in all of its manifestations ~ paintings prints photo essay sculpture poetry. In my works I explore the motion of form, the written word, color and texture that are created with the recycled artifacts of my own life.
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Stephen Basso Last Updated: 10/06/17
the main focus of my work is the human condition with all of its ups and downs and everything in between. in fact the "in between" is what most interests me.
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Len Bernstein Last Updated: 12/27/15
I learned from the Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel that photography has to do with the whole world, and that the beauty it finds there has to do with our lives and how we hope to live them.
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Robert Schaad Last Updated: 08/09/16
Not entirely abstract, occasionally representational.
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Alan M Jacobson Last Updated: 11/20/16
Expressionist artist exploring inner experience and reactions to the world around using unexpected colors that add intensity of emotions.
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Chingkit Ho Last Updated: 01/30/18
📺 Travel Photographer📷 🌎 ~~~~ 🌟Traveled 90+ countries🌟.... ✈️🚈🚉🚞
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Rebecca J Shapass Last Updated: 03/17/19
Rebecca Shapass is a multidisciplinary artist based in her native NYC. She works at the intersection of moving-image, installation, and performance to deconstruct traditional narratives about femininity and womxnhood.
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Otto Von Ruggins Last Updated: 03/17/19
I use imagery the way William Burroughs used language.
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