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Russell Mehlman Last Updated: 07/12/17
I'm a storyteller telling stories about our contemporary life as I'm seeing it. And the people in my stories help me tell my stories. To me it’s folk art, but a very modern, of our time, 21st Century, NY Urban American kind.
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Elizabeth Albert Last Updated: 09/09/11
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Iviva Olenick Last Updated: 11/29/14
Embroidered 2- and 3-dimensional tweets, selfies, latergrams.
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Ian Umlauf Last Updated: 11/13/13
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Leslie C Kerby Last Updated: 05/02/12
My work examines the individual as a complex social product within in a variety of contexts. I create new rhetoric about how we interact, compete or re-invent ourselves using our identity as a “cultural currency.
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Robert Dandarov Last Updated: 12/08/14
My images function through the language of myths to portray experiences that signify shifts in individual consciousness within the larger,often painful evolution of our civilization.
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Daniel W Mirer Last Updated: 06/18/10
Title: In The Finest Tradition Photographic medium, Color Photographs, Digital “C" Fuji Crystal Archive Print Dimensions: 30 x 30 in (76.2cm x 76.2cm) & 48 x 48 in (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm) Portfolio Images: 20 x 24 (50.8cm x 60.96cm
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Joyce Dade Last Updated: 12/09/13
Art photography with haze, blur (shown here), glow, halo, metallics and other special effects; uconventional, leading edge digital photography and design. With summer over for some time now, the winter holidays are fast approaching.
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Margaret Cusack Last Updated: 02/10/13
My interest as an artist is to involve viewers by creating realism with fabric's interplay of patterns and textures.
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Leon Nicholas N. Kalas Last Updated: 11/15/10
My works consists mostly of figurative paintings, however, I also experiment in various other art movements.
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Sean Grandits Last Updated: 01/05/15
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Daniel Wiener Last Updated: 08/02/12
I make sculpture reminiscent of scholar rocks on acid.
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Dianne Bowen Last Updated: 05/10/11
A line the simplest and most complex marks, the earliest marks made by humans to communicate.
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Abby G Goldstein Last Updated: 01/12/19
In my work I establish a sense of a place without being a specific location, by applying a myriad of crisscrossing lines overlapping and juxtaposed with shapes that allude to topographic and ancient hand made maps of cities.
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Elke Reva Sudin Last Updated: 11/25/11
My work is influenced by the urban ecosystem and my Jewish heritage.
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Melissa Guion Last Updated: 09/11/12
Melissa is a writer and illustrator working in traditional media.
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Pepper Ziss Last Updated: 08/01/16
illustration and hand lettering
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Charles Yuen Last Updated: 10/07/13
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Petra Vargova Last Updated: 09/22/14
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Lizbeth J Mitty Last Updated: 10/31/15
My recent work is a melange of memories of scrap, urban architecture and interiors overlaid by an existential suggestion that there is too much of everything. Beauty and decay weave together and change places in an interchangeable world.
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