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MOCH Last Updated: 10/17/12
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Rachel B. Abrams Last Updated: 02/28/19
Many of my works are scientific in nature and are the products of years of experimentation, developing once an identifiable connection is made, with historical threads both apparent and esoteric.
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Jessica Adams Last Updated: 12/09/14
I make installations, videos, photographs, drawings, and collages that investigate and question perception, the movement of time, the understanding of space, and everyday phenomena.
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Golnar Adili Last Updated: 12/05/14
My work investigates diasporic identity utilizing through poetry, craft and the body.
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Paolo Arao Last Updated: 03/01/15
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Ellie Balk Last Updated: 06/01/10
Ellie Balk is a public artist who's goal is to use art as a tool to bring communities together.
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Kennis Baptiste Last Updated: 08/19/15
Using my unique technique, a contour drawing is first produced where no line intersect and still capturing a figurative form or image, then a painting is then produced using multiple medias to add depth and dimension to the painting.
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Angela Beallor Last Updated: 02/06/15
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Zachary Betonte Last Updated: 12/09/16
My current work is produced through collaboration with devised performers and landscape, which aims to address the tensions between fiction and non-fictional forms of storytelling through an emphasis on process and materiality.
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Joanna Borkowska Last Updated: 12/19/16
Nature is the source of my creative energy and vision. I'm also attracted to the ideas and theories of multi-dimensionality, multiple universes, astrobiology, and astrophysics.
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Janet Braun-Reinitz Last Updated: 12/17/15
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Isabel Brito Farre Last Updated: 08/20/13
My practice is founded on the encounter, loss and distance, and the understanding of a new environment. I sew as a way of both mending and marking. Mending what has been damaged or loss, and marking what is new and needs to be retained.
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Johnny Camacho Last Updated: 11/13/15
I am an abstract artist put here to awaken, heal the sleepwalkers .
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Ramona Candy Last Updated: 05/11/16
Motivational artist, Ramona Candy, infuses her works with color and movement as she choreographs on paper and canvas.
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Megan M Canning Last Updated: 09/18/15
I create intricate, sensual pieces that evoke the mystery and beauty of the inner workings of the human body
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Sarah Carpenter Last Updated: 11/04/15
My paintings and prints are about places we seek and the efforts we make to reach them.
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Donna Cleary Last Updated: 11/06/15
I've reimagined fetish objects and fertility statuary using contemporary materials collected from my surroundings.
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Steve Dabal Last Updated: 01/15/18
Narrative filmmaker, visual effects artists, and creative director of
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Hubert Dobler Last Updated: 02/19/14
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Sarah Edwards Last Updated: 07/10/17
Sarah paints animals and landscapes. Her work has a focus on climate change and the challenges of global warming.
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