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Matthew Yanchuk Last Updated: 05/29/10
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Jonathan B Weld Last Updated: 01/16/12
Current work is the Falling Man-Woman Series.
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Susan Bleckner Heller Last Updated: 07/14/10
I do one of a kind, hand built, ceramic sculpture, which has been referred to as abstract, organic, and modernist.
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Alex O'Neal Last Updated: 09/11/11
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Joseph B. Raskin Last Updated: 09/03/10
I've taken these photographs mostly during my wanderings through New York City.
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TJ HOSPODAR Last Updated: 06/30/15
I am a mathematician debugging my art practice.
I am an artist performing data science.
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Jenna Petrone Last Updated: 03/14/18
Grounded in documentary traditions, I investigate domestic and urban spaces, how individuals shape their environments, and the converse. My work depicts the themes of relationships, individuality, meditations on light and interiors, and
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BarbaraRae Schaefer Last Updated: 10/02/11
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Maddy Rosenberg Last Updated: 12/02/12
Small scale illusionistic imagery combined with geometric abstraction oil paintings, prints and artist's books.
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Meri Bourgard Last Updated: 03/21/14
I work without preconception of subject, which frees me to discover recognizable forms often containing figurative content.
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Susan Ziegler Last Updated: 01/02/17
My work explores the interplay of urban experience and natural phenomena through painting, drawing, monotype, and collage techniques.
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Brett Wallace Last Updated: 03/27/18
My work explores the relationships between what we see and the interior, non-visible experiences we feel. Transformation is a central theme in my work - transformation across mediums and from 2D to spatial concerns.
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Kostas Kiritsis Last Updated: 05/07/14
My body of work spans a variety of subjects, yet it continuously follows a self-exploratory and expressive trail guided by my own investigations. I use photography - sometimes as a beginning and sometimes as a conclusion – to create books
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Jenifer Kobylarz Last Updated: 08/16/17
Jenifer Kobylarz's work portrays a world that is inspired by compositional relationships of geometric and natural forms and bold color use capturing a frozen moment.
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Ivana C Larrosa Last Updated: 12/19/18
I work primarily with photography, video installations and performance.  I am interested in conceptual strategies that have to do with the body as an object of study and a medium to approach memory and trauma.
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Jorge Luis Rodriguez Last Updated: 03/29/18
I specialize in multimedia installations, monumental sculptures and collaborative projects.
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