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Malin Abrahamsson Last Updated: 09/05/16
Multi-disciplinary artist: focus on public art.
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Daniel Allegrucci Last Updated: 08/02/15
Sculptures that acknowledge the experience of irrational or unknowable psychological spaces in a world of accelerating science and technology.
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Jonathan E Allen Last Updated: 01/06/15
Mixed-media collage-painting that engages contemporary culture
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Emily V Aragones Last Updated: 04/12/19
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Kenseth Armstead Last Updated: 11/18/16
Kenseth Armstead is a multimedia installation artist.
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Brand Us Art Last Updated: 02/02/17
Brand Us is the total collaboration of artistic partners and married couple, Phillip Martin and Theresa O’Neill, who have been painting together as Brand Us for over ten years.
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Mike Asente Last Updated: 11/24/14
Thread, embroidery or stitching represents not only the artist’s hand, but also a domestic, labor intensive act relatable to a global practice incorporating domestic materials and processes typically linked to the female experience.
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Jason R Bauer Last Updated: 12/04/16
I am fond of; exploration, audio/visual stimulation, communication, economics, physical tenacity, and spiritual resonance... I worship where I come from and what I consume.
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Aaron G Beebe Last Updated: 12/11/14
Drawings, paintings, and installations that celebrate the language of museums, archives, and libraries.
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Lourdes Bernard Last Updated: 08/21/17
Working with a variety of media my work weaves together visual poetry and storytelling to create images that are intense in their presence, and through their narrative content, materiality and composition, aggressively attract the viewe
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ZELJKA BLAKSIC Last Updated: 01/27/16
Blaksic works across multiple disciplines but the constants in her practice are 16mm film, video, performance and sculpture.
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Janaye Brown Last Updated: 09/03/17
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Nina Buxenbaum Last Updated: 02/10/15
My work places women of color within the language of Western art while exploring layered expressions of identity.
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H Cabrera Last Updated: 09/05/11
Chaos in motion
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Andrea Caldarise Last Updated: 12/19/16
In my drawings, paintings, and installations I utilize mapping to expand the ephemeral landscape of remembered places.
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Noa Charuvi Last Updated: 01/31/19
Figurative painter describing architecture destruction and construction
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BIVAS CHAUDHURI Last Updated: 06/01/18
Abstract Paintings
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Chauncey Chester Last Updated: 10/03/13
Film Producer
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Julia Cocuzza Last Updated: 08/04/15
Art maker and prime mover, mostly. Paint pusher, primarily. I'm smitten/haunted by bright colors, broken lines, jagged perspectives, fractured light, dissipating forms, music, repetition, outmoded objects, social interaction, and so on
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Adrian C Coleman Last Updated: 01/05/16
Adrian is a painter of the disjunct landscape and cultural stratigraphy of New York City.
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