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Leigh E. Davis Last Updated: 01/26/16
I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating socially minded projects that are deeply personal and anthropologically rich. My projects work to foster connections between viewers and community members, and to encourage dialogue.
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Amy Mahnick Last Updated: 01/19/16
Contemporary Still Life Painting
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Gail Heidel Last Updated: 02/04/17
Gail Heidel is an Artist, Arts Administrator, Curator and Educator who engages with the culture and history of NYC to activate communities with multi-disciplinary public art and educational projects.
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Damali Miller Last Updated: 03/30/18
My work is an abstracted exploration of subtle visual experiences and feelings, both remembered and explored, re-experienced as blended inner landscapes and mappings on canvas, paper and wood.
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BIVAS CHAUDHURI Last Updated: 11/17/19
Abstract Paintings
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Karen Lederer Last Updated: 10/30/15
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Danielle L Ezzo Last Updated: 06/22/10
alternative process photography and mixed media works.
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Marilyn Louis Last Updated: 06/30/11
Budding, evolving, experimental. A work in progress, a path in self-discovery. A young woman still finding her voice, still finding her place, still finding her worth, still finding herself.
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Julie Kirkpatrick Last Updated: 12/04/17
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Karen J Stevenson Last Updated: 09/12/12
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Mike Asente Last Updated: 11/24/14
Thread, embroidery or stitching represents not only the artist’s hand, but also a domestic, labor intensive act relatable to a global practice incorporating domestic materials and processes typically linked to the female experience.
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Anne Russinof Last Updated: 12/20/16
My work combines a love of gesture and color with an appreciation of structure. I use large brushes to create highly energized strokes that intimate various patterns and forms in architecture such as frames and baroque ceiling vaults.
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Jason Lujan Last Updated: 09/18/15
I seek to normalize Indigenous presence and narratives within the greater global fabric, equal to any other cultural group; investing contemporary indigenous Native American culture with an international sense of place.
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Andrea Caldarise Last Updated: 12/19/16
In my drawings, paintings, and installations I utilize mapping to expand the ephemeral landscape of remembered places.
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ZELJKA BLAKSIC Last Updated: 01/27/16
Blaksic works across multiple disciplines but the constants in her practice are 16mm film, video, performance and sculpture.
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Cynthia Vesser Last Updated: 03/29/11
Photographer with emphasis in Street Photography, CityScapes, Portraits, Self Portraits and Digital Imaging.
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M L Kincheloe Last Updated: 05/15/14
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Nina Buxenbaum Last Updated: 02/10/15
My work places women of color within the language of Western art while exploring layered expressions of identity.
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Bryan Krueger Last Updated: 05/03/11
Using photography, I explore the relationship between the viewer and image in order to arrive at a more reciprocal relationship between the two.
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H Cabrera Last Updated: 09/05/11
Chaos in motion
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