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Negin Sharifzadeh Last Updated: 07/20/10
I'm An Iranian NY based sculptor/performing artist. Often in my works I investigate and explore themes and layers of social complexities. I draw inspiration from the local dances and body movements of my ancestry city, Boushehr/south Iran.
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Rick Midler Last Updated: 01/29/19
My artwork is about self actualization and spiritual growth. Making art is a ritual that helps me access the unlimited resources of my soul my imagination. The pieces are meditations on my connection to the universe and to others.
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Melissa Ling Last Updated: 10/04/17
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Leyla Modirzadeh Last Updated: 03/17/11
I make short experimental films using video and super 8 film as well as perform and direct theatre pieces specifically about issues of diversity and inclusion.
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Katie Shima Last Updated: 12/10/16
Drawing on the tradition of landscape painting and the sublime, I work toward a new kind of landscape for the Anthropocene era, blurring the boundary between the organic and the mechanical, with obsessively complex sculptures and paintings.
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Dave Rittinger Last Updated: 08/10/11
thoughts in a blender..
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Matthew Hassell Last Updated: 03/21/12
process driven reductive abstraction
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Joseph J Laurro Last Updated: 10/26/15
Painting & Drawings, my love for animals, the ocean and dance are never far from hand.
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Joshua Gabriel Last Updated: 04/04/19
joshuagabriel updates the aesthetic of psychedelia to create a kind of hybrid space in which a mythologized version of his own ego, constructed of variable disposable personae, is at the center.
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Jordan Morley Last Updated: 04/02/14
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The Red Lines Last Updated: 04/16/14
The Red Lines is a production company based in Brooklyn and producing new works of multi-media theater in and around the tri-state area.
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Dalit Gurevich Last Updated: 08/09/17
Dalit Gurevich is a mix media artist. She uses multiple techniques and integrates in her artwork acrylic paints, video footage, embroidery, knitting, text, and found materials.
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Todd Drake Last Updated: 09/19/15
Human Rights Photographer
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Geoff Cohen Last Updated: 06/02/16
Photographic explorer interested in urban abstraction and populist images viewed in an enhanced manner.
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Daniel Ochoa Last Updated: 10/05/16
Recently, I have sourced imagery from Google Street View, the NASA API and social media networks as a way to trace the effect technology has on the construction of images.
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Alaiyo Dominique Bradshaw Last Updated: 07/17/17
Alaiyo is a visual journalist who creates fantasy and social conscious imagery in watercolor.
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Krysti Keener Last Updated: 03/08/19
I make site-specific installations in the natural environments where I find objects, and I bring gathered materials back home to create a time stamp from a specific location.
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Kiarra Elliott Last Updated: 12/29/19
The art of fusing the metaphorical and physical meaning of beauty in paint. Providing positive imagery that is both soft yet strong and challenging; I am Afrocentric Keyy.
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Lauren Rocco Last Updated: 06/17/20
My work focuses on blending digital and fine art practices. I use a variety of digital means to unify the colors, space and time in each image to bring about feelings of connectedness in imagery that otherwise may feel separate.
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Andrea Zinn Last Updated: 02/14/19
I am a fine art photographer with work including Street Photography, Landscapes, Still Life and Nature subjects.
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