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CHOI Last Updated: 02/10/15
Paintings, drawings, installation work
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Miya Ando Last Updated: 06/26/15
The sublime metal canvases and sculptures of New York-based artist MIYA ANDO articulate themes of contradiction and juxtaposition of ideas.
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Oudi Arroni Last Updated: 09/14/12
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Masaru Bando Last Updated: 09/18/10
Sculptor/ all kind of material
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Rica Bando Last Updated: 06/29/14
Hand pull Fine Art Lithography
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Brian Batt Last Updated: 12/08/14
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Richard Brachman Last Updated: 07/25/10
Paintings and sculpture with themes concerning social issues.
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Carol Bruns Last Updated: 05/15/18
The art visualizes the missing half of our culture by giving form to the invisible psyche, both ecstatic and monstrous.
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Steve Butcher Last Updated: 01/24/12
conceptual observations on looking at art
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Mark L Crawford Last Updated: 12/21/16
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Eva Davidova Last Updated: 03/12/19
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Scott Endsley Last Updated: 04/25/11
Culture Needs A Fresh Kill
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Celeste Fichter Last Updated: 02/13/17
My primary conceptual interest lies in word play, language slippage, and the space between verbal and visual representation.
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Steven Gawoski Last Updated: 06/28/10
My work is a creative exploration that concentrates on the transmutation of the scientific image.
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Diana Gilon Last Updated: 11/30/14
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Joan Grubin Last Updated: 06/30/11
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Theresa Hackett Last Updated: 04/02/14
My knowledge of mixology, the years of experimentation with paint, color, texture and the unsayable desire of the unpredictable that leads us to the rest, the pause of the resolve of the unexpected.
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Wendy Hansen Last Updated: 06/30/15
Wendy Hansenís provocative, expressive and unconventional figurative drawings, sculptures and monumental portraits expertly convey complex, conflicting, raw human emotions.
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Dev Harlan Last Updated: 02/07/19
Dev Harlan works in sculpture and digital media.
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Elizabeth Hazan Last Updated: 01/13/16
Abstract geometric landscapes that draw from the city around my studio, and abstract work on paper from a variety of sources.
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