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Kevin Mc Dowell Last Updated: 09/10/12
I am an eclectic visualist which style ranges from a traditional contemporary, modern to digital tech.
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Yasmin Hernandez Last Updated: 05/02/19
Rematriating from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico, withstanding Hurricane Maria and the resulting darkness, I paint our ancestors as bio-luminescent beings underwater and my people as fireflies, metaphors for sustainability and liberation.
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Jillian McDonald Last Updated: 04/18/20
I make videos, performances, and drawings inspired by popular film genres like horror and romance. Supernatural themes are central to recent projects.
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Daniel Stevenson Last Updated: 12/13/15
My work is in a different medium I use cardboard mostly in my works to create 3D dimensionality, With fusion art from artist such as Klimt, Basquiat,liu linghua,Van Gogh.
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Daniel Sinclair Last Updated: 10/23/15
I believe the word "compelling" best describes my steel sculptures, in that they enthrall the viewer with an alternative sense of possibility.
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ANITRA MICHELLE Last Updated: 11/22/15
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Ty Novi Last Updated: 07/26/16
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Elizabeth Velazquez Last Updated: 12/22/19
I create mixed media sculptural works, installations and rituals. IG: velazquezart729
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Lisa Washington Last Updated: 03/24/17
This is a collection Digital Photo Art & Abstract Art Deco Paintings by Lisa Washington of Red Light Studio.
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Obrianna Lindo Last Updated: 08/16/17
multi-media artist,creative portrait photographer, abstract painter.
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Amado Alda Last Updated: 11/10/17
Using primary colors and geometric shapes, I create complex compositions through simple arrangements.
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Walter L Jackson Last Updated: 12/01/17
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Andre Pace Last Updated: 11/30/17
A taste that moves you , work A of contemporary& abstract works on paper.. Awared poet & artist..
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