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Liz A Ainslie Last Updated: 12/23/16
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Audree J Anid Last Updated: 08/01/17
Audrée Anid is a mixed-media artist whose work spans photography, painting, and printmaking, she examines the manipulation of structure as a means to deconstruct and reconfigure space and the human form.
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Emily Barletta Last Updated: 07/14/14
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Dan J Fairbanks Last Updated: 12/15/14
Exploring Pre and Post Stonewall gay artists and their work in an effort to revitalize the gay identity of my late grandfather.
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Jennifer V Grimyser Last Updated: 08/26/10
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Brian Higbee Last Updated: 10/17/13
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Zach Hyman Last Updated: 07/24/17
Photography exploring form and it's subjective possibilities.
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Future Living Projects Last Updated: 03/23/12
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The 22 Magazine Last Updated: 07/11/11
The 22 is an online arts and literature digital magazine that seeks to explore connections and intersections between the works of artists, musicians and writers.
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Zachary Mason Last Updated: 07/03/10
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Jillian McDonald Last Updated: 03/14/16
I make videos, performances, and drawings inspired by popular film genres like horror and romance. Supernatural themes and cautionary tales are central to recent projects, with bare narratives, majestic landscapes, and horror archetypes.
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Joseph Meloy Last Updated: 03/04/15
Post-graffiti abstraction
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Troy G Michie Last Updated: 12/13/11
It is through the methodology of bricolage and display that I choreograph and reconstruct found objects and photographs.
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Steven Pestana Last Updated: 11/29/14
Sculpture, Mixed Media and Installation
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Joe C Saunders Last Updated: 09/19/16
Inspired by NYC sidewalks, along with Dadaists like Kurt Schwitters and Marcel Duchamp.
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Diana Schmertz Last Updated: 01/15/17
I am interested in the systems people create in order to organize what they perceived in the world around them.
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Eliza Siegler Last Updated: 04/10/14
Mixed Media, Paintings, Fabric, Color.
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sean wrenn Last Updated: 05/10/10
sean wrenn's immersive montage worlds transmute photographic memories of the East Williamsburg IBZ area focusing on the N end of Bogart St., West English Kills Canals edges, and Bushwick Branch RR tracks.
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