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Nina I Talbot Last Updated: 07/02/13
My history paintings reflect life experiences of Brooklyn communities; immigrants, mom and pop shopowners, war veterans and 'ordinary people' who all have stories are the subjects of my colorful, expressionistic images.
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Divya Mehra Last Updated: 11/08/12
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Heddy B. Abramowitz Last Updated: 10/31/11
Primarily an observational painter. Cityscapes of Jerusalem are a recurring motif, but not romanticized or idealized images, rather the grimy rundown reality. Introspective self -portraits and the figure are strong interests.
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Ellen Nathan Singer Last Updated: 07/23/10
Printmaking, [etching and woodcut] and pastel are two areas I focus on and love doing.
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Nicholas Fraser Last Updated: 03/20/18
Site-specific installations in ephemeral materials. Videos mapping the un-mappable. A fascination with our irrepressible compulsion to connect and communicate despite the inevitable breakdown of those communications being clearly received
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Edward Coppola Last Updated: 07/17/10
I photograph (in both traditional black-and-white and digital color) domestic vernacular architecture in outer-borough New York City. I teach photography at Brooklyn College, and lived in Marine Park, Brooklyn for many years.
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Norma Greenwood Last Updated: 06/20/20
The source of my inspiration is the beauty of form and color. M work is provocative and draws the viewer into an experience of seeing familiar objects in a new and powerful way.
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Mike Jones Last Updated: 11/21/10
Has A serious Collection of Urban Erotical Deep Dementional Art Any Piece that he Has masterly Created with a pen and colored pencil Has individual Ora of mystical realms
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Cheryl Kass Last Updated: 11/30/10
Drawings Ink /paper 11"x14" I work this way not as a preliminary to my paintings but rather as stand alone pieces by themselves. The clarity of execution, and simple method allows clear and comprehensive results.
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Robert Franca Last Updated: 07/28/20
I draw and paint believing that the forms I imagine can be built, and then I build them.
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Aaron J. Miller Last Updated: 05/24/17
In my work I explore familiar American themes and icons, such as baseball and other sports, cheerleading, maps, signs, brides and weddings, in unexpected ways, often through the lens of gender and sexuality.
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Christine Sloan Stoddard Last Updated: 12/08/20
Christine Sloan Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American author, artist, writer/director, and the founder of Quail Bell Press & Productions.
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Arianna Cuesta Last Updated: 03/15/19
I am a Afro-Boricua/Dominicana born and raised in Santurce,Puerto Rico. Working on breaking the mold of what an Afro-Caribbean and Latino person “should” be. While using my work to bridge the gaps between communities.
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Metsha A Renois Last Updated: 07/05/15
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Wilder Alison Last Updated: 02/23/12
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Maya Brown Last Updated: 06/28/12
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Jean Dominique Volcy Last Updated: 12/06/18
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Nathan M Bett Last Updated: 06/07/13
My current work examines the dynamic relationship between artist and subject within the contemporary urban environment.
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Whitney Harris Last Updated: 02/16/13
In this series of drawings I reference the body directly by using hair as the impetus for my forms. I play with color, form and abstraction while exploring the hairs subjective properties as a cheap commodity and personal signifier.
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Tracey K Boyce Last Updated: 08/21/17
Born in Queens and a resident of New York City for all her life, Boyce creates pieces that explore the landscapes and connections between dreams and memories.
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