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Diana Leidel Last Updated: 12/12/16
Surveillance is now part of our everyday lives. The Surveillance Series asks "Who is Watching?," "Who is being watched?." "What is real?." The Snooze iPhone clandestine subway commuter portraits capture unguarded moments of our public lives
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Elizabeth E. Baez Last Updated: 12/16/10
Elizabeth Erazo Baez is a Latina artist who is known for her ability to capture the cultural emotional nuances of the Puerto Rican experience. Baez's visually stimulating art of folklore, tradition and nostalgia are rich in color.
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Helene P Mukhtar Last Updated: 10/19/17
I am a painter, animator and mixed media installation artist. My work celebrates the human spirit and life on our planet in all its forms. I am also a producer for Brooklyn Free Speech TV and curate and present NUGGETS a show on video-art.
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Mary C Rieser Heintjes Last Updated: 01/07/17
Realms of fascination are constant mind wonderings
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Lawrence C Heintjes Last Updated: 01/07/17
Creative, whimisical, always exploring new materials
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Marc Lambrechts Last Updated: 12/19/14
abstract, work with different materials like wood, plaster,metal,dried corn husk, dried banana leaves, lava sand, oil paint, etc. The works hang on the wall, but some of them have a sculptural feeling. They are very simple in approach.
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Victoria Burge Last Updated: 06/21/10
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Tone Voke Last Updated: 07/10/10
elements of architecture and aerial landscapes abstracted through painting process. paying special attention to colour.
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Pavida Rujatikumporn Last Updated: 04/19/19
Art is the thing, we could see by ears and hear by eyes. That's all there is too it!
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Aditya Shringarpure Last Updated: 11/18/13
Can art represent the technological innovations of today that evolve at an almost self-destructive pace? I attempt to address this evolution through the design and execution of a multi-dimensional made object.
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Emily Weiskopf Last Updated: 11/13/13
In various materials my work explores the notion of cycles in which we partake in consciously and unconsciously. By using tracks, roads, and gates as universal symbols in our surroundings I attempt to challenge everyday preset ways.
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Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze Last Updated: 09/12/12
My work evolves through an intuitive relationship [dialogue]. Rather than being 'made', it happens upon itself by layering and erasing. I respond. Manipulate. Redirect..for ultimately I am responsible for every mark that remains..
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Alejandro Durán Last Updated: 08/02/13
Multimedia artist working in installation, photography, and video
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Constance Van Rolleghem Last Updated: 05/29/17
My work focuses on "Scriptograms"; gestural writings that can express ideas beyond the actual meaning of the words and their typical coding. The materials I use reflect an ambiguity of place where meaning can have alternate interpretations.
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Karyn A Olivier Last Updated: 10/21/12
I investigate our social interactions with familiar objects, spaces and each other, through the use of sculpture, installation, public works, photography and video.
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Daniel A Norman Last Updated: 01/26/17
Daniel A. Norman's urban themed photography and paintings work has been included in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.
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Gary Dunn Last Updated: 05/14/14
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" - Pablo Picasso
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Niv Rozenberg Last Updated: 08/25/17
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James Clar Last Updated: 12/21/16
Media art, light and video installation.
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Leslie Silva Last Updated: 11/20/13
eco artist using material and light from Fort Greene Park
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