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Virginia Inés Vergara Last Updated: 08/04/12
Her photographic work embodies meditations on light, perception and proximity
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BiZZiD - Last Updated: 07/30/10
The day the world turned day-glo.
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Meredith G Bergmann Last Updated: 07/27/10
Highly accomplished, deeply researched, and mischievous figurative sculpture
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Julie EA Bernouis Last Updated: 12/17/14
I touch everything
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Elisa Bertaglia Last Updated: 05/25/15
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Aleksander K Betko Last Updated: 12/18/14
I am a fine artist that captures the definition of life in New York City.
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Mary Billyou Last Updated: 04/18/11
A filmmaker working in the areas of expanded cinema, focusing on the multiplicity of found materials, surrealist processes, authorial references, and feminine identities.
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Noa Bornstein Last Updated: 07/18/17
Figurative sculptures and drawings, exploring the human and animal in ceramic, plaster, wax, clay, and drawing media.
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Danielle Charette Last Updated: 04/12/18
The Art of Danielle Charette | Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist | Brooklyn, NY
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Baoyang Chen Last Updated: 12/11/14
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Ann Cofta Last Updated: 08/13/17
Small, fabric works employ hand embroidery and beadwork to depict vintage machinery and structures associated with New York City
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Cavier L Coleman Last Updated: 05/06/15
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Zeke Decker Last Updated: 11/18/13
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James Dinerstein Last Updated: 05/10/12
A re-thinking of the possibilities of abstract sculpture, marrying 20th century abstraction and archaic form-making.
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Michael Duva Last Updated: 04/29/14
Michael Duva’s project ANIMALS rose straight out of his love of animals.
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Allison Edge Last Updated: 07/08/10
My works consists of photo-inspired paintings and drawings depicting a touch of magic and wonder we often associate with dreamy nostalgia.
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Jamie Felton Last Updated: 05/10/12
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Jacqueline Ferrante Last Updated: 10/18/18
Jacqueline Ferrante is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her thickly layered abstractions are mirrors of the history, buildup, and decay found predominantly in urban environments.
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Amy Finkbeiner Last Updated: 08/21/17
Paintings, drawings, installations, performances, audio works, and ephemera by Amy Finkbeiner.
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Trishia Frulla Last Updated: 07/23/17
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