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Felipe Baeza Last Updated: 01/18/11
My work utilizes my biography not only to explore personal experience but also to provide a lens for the persistent effects of social institutions and cultural practices on the individual. Addressing everything from immigration to sexuality
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Efrat Baler Last Updated: 02/10/18
I am searching for a dynamic and evolutionary way to expose the artistic process and the painterly imagery. The subject matter of many of my art works on which I stage the evolution of the artistic process, is art about art, mass media icon
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Angelica Bergamini Last Updated: 03/14/19
My works are meditations on the search for balance between the inner and outer world, and on the perception of our impermanence; a reflection on the universality of the human experience, and on the necessity for a radical reverence for life
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Janet L Bohman Last Updated: 05/14/14
My work, inspired by birds flying freely, takes the form of painted reliefs in both linen and folded paper.
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Danny Coeyman Last Updated: 06/01/10
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Thomas Duverne Last Updated: 08/17/17
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Angela Earley Last Updated: 05/31/10
The process of mark-making through drawing, carving or etching is the most direct way for me to translate an experience. I am interested in capturing and unraveling the dualities of everyday, urban life in my imagery.
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Eliza Evans Last Updated: 10/17/17
I have a research-intensive practice that integrates source data, historical and literary references, imagery, and text.
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Brian Fernandes-Halloran Last Updated: 11/20/10
My work captures scenes from my neighborhood. They take an introspective approach to social commentary, focusing on my own perspective while exploring how everyday interactions contribute to boundaries between social groups.
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Melanie Fischer Last Updated: 01/05/17
Through my work I question and play with human's relationship with "the Natural".
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Daniel W. Freeman Last Updated: 08/11/17
Every picture tells a story; the multi panel work relies on the design structure of the comic book or graphic novel to make a cinematic montage of a perceived imagined space .
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Lisa Fromartz Last Updated: 07/19/18
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Melissa Gollance Last Updated: 08/20/17
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Leah M Guadagnoli Last Updated: 05/21/15
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Jon Henry Last Updated: 08/16/16
My work looks at the black family in America, in particular the connection between mother and son.
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Terrence C Jennings Last Updated: 08/12/16
Vision + Document = Mission. This equation has been my photographic mantra for 15 years strong and continues to be through chronicling a strong, noble and vibrant people living in the present for others to know in the future.
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Ben Knight Last Updated: 12/22/10
Painting with light, lighting with paint.
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Florian Le Bris Last Updated: 08/02/10
" Art is not a thing, it is a way "
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Diane Lent Last Updated: 11/19/15
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Edith Lettner Last Updated: 09/27/15
Edith Lettnerīs works in music and painting cross-fertilise each other; her oil paintings, water colors and drawings are composed by motion, dynamic, intense expression and improvisation.
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