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Carmella Gullo Last Updated: 12/29/16
"Art is the knowledge of how to become joined to the soul of the world". - from Giordano Bruno and The Hermetic Tradition
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Julie Unruh Last Updated: 05/10/10
Julie Unruh is interested in identity construction and particularly in the disconnect between personal and shared experience. She utilizes realism, but her paintings also explore the role of the viewer in the creation of coherent images.
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Karni Dorell Last Updated: 07/08/12
My work questions social groupings and how the feeling of the group experience fluctuates between vulnerability and security.
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Beth Caspar Last Updated: 07/02/10
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Lisa M Kellner Last Updated: 09/16/10
Rooted in the language of decay, erosion and disease, my work merges intricate microcosms with immense topographies.
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Sheldon sean Moyer Last Updated: 08/02/10
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Janice McDonnell Last Updated: 10/27/15
For the last year I’ve been working on and thinking about pretty landscape paintings with industrial subject matter. The working title is Pretty Industrial and the idea came to me while I was an artist-in-residence at CAC Troy, New York.
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Peter Frank Patchen Last Updated: 07/18/14
Combines nature and technology to comment on culture using digital mixed media ranging from 3D printing and plotter drawings to digital photo collage and installation.
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Dustin London Last Updated: 02/18/13
Visually spare, abstract drawings and paintings.
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Carl J Ferrero Last Updated: 03/18/19
Paintings and sculptural objects that explore representation.
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Laila M Ozols-Gillespie Last Updated: 05/15/14
Site-specific , happening installations that incorporate ephemeral sculpture with photography and painting with cathartic, participatory, collaborative, destructive elements drawing on the psychology of mixing natural and urban landscapes.
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Melissa Zexter Last Updated: 06/02/13
I combine hand-stitched embroidery with both color and black and white photography.
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Ethan Cornell Last Updated: 08/21/17
My work is a personal mythical narrative influenced by an arbitrary mix of high and low that frees me to tackle the largest of issues: love, desire, fear of death, and the struggle for power.
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Martha Hayden Last Updated: 12/04/10
I work from perception with an emphasis on color and composition.
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Risha Gorig Last Updated: 04/11/11
I am a multi media artist. My work is kinetic and i have the wind,the sun and other elements play a role in my work. I also do 3 dimensional video projections that requires a whole room. There is an element of fragility in my work .
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Robert Gould Last Updated: 11/23/14
My work seeks to create connections and dialog between historical events and contemporary time and space.
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Deborah Ugoretz Last Updated: 03/15/19
Through the use of light and shadow,color,negative and positive space and a touch of humor I seek to illuminate that which is mysterious by creating work in cut paper and in acrylic paint.
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Lindsay Packer Last Updated: 02/25/14
Lindsay Packer makes site-specific, kinetic installations that coax film-like images from ordinary objects.
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Holly Sumner Last Updated: 01/08/12
Scientific texts, natural history compendiums and field guides of every sort are the sources of my imagery and inform the structure, composition and color of my drawings and paintings.
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Elda Bellone Last Updated: 01/06/13
ELDA BELLONE architect and designer, beside of her design activity of its formation, she has always been involved in studying and investigating new approaches between art and design.
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