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Cyrilla Mozenter Last Updated: 02/21/15
My work is symbolic language. I make large banner-like wall pieces, freestanding constructions and collage-drawings of industrial wool felt and paper in which polar bears make frequent appearances.
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Maria Sochaniewicz Last Updated: 12/20/16
Abstract paintings, on canvas, cardboard, mixed media. Drawings. Photography. Digital Graphics.
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Aurora Robson Last Updated: 08/03/10
Formally, my work is a study in abstract, complex, organic forms based on my childhood nightmares. I work predominantly with materials found in the waste stream like plastic bottles, junk mail & excess packaging.
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Eb Craig Last Updated: 10/29/14
My art pieces have color and sparkle and are made primarily of glitter. There are some art pieces made from recycled materials like cereal boxes that I call mini rooms
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King Yan Fina Fina Yeung Last Updated: 05/08/16
I work with mixed media painting, photography, film and installation. I use materials such as cardboard and paper to construct architectural forms. I also experiment on film and sound with my installation work.
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Janice Caswell Last Updated: 03/14/15
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Fanny ALLIE Last Updated: 03/08/20
My work explores the questions of home, the sense of belonging and exclusion, passage and ephemeral and the disappearance of the body.
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Adam Green Last Updated: 06/26/15
Preschool Tintoretto, Life in a Videogame, Crackhead-Style, Symbolist, Erotic Information, Briefcase full of crayons
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Daniel Stevenson Last Updated: 12/13/15
My work is in a different medium I use cardboard mostly in my works to create 3D dimensionality, With fusion art from artist such as Klimt, Basquiat,liu linghua,Van Gogh.
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Mikhail Torich Last Updated: 08/04/16
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Florence F Gidez Last Updated: 05/15/18
Color charged silkscreens on paper and dimensional constructions of ramshackle buildings, vehicles, plants and animals.
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Mike Estabrook Last Updated: 02/27/19
My work is an expression of my inner monsters that often dovetails with social criticism. I love things that are both ridiculous and serious, and seek to convey this through the absurd and the lo-fi.
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Cristobal Cea-Sanchez Last Updated: 01/30/21
paintings, videos and animations centered on misunderstandings...
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