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RODRIGO IMAZ Last Updated: 08/10/10
Rodrigo relates his graphic work with site-specific strategies to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Through poetical analogies of Nature and anthropogenic events his work emphasises the inadequacies of human reason.
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Nancy A Rodrigo Last Updated: 12/21/16
Native New York artist, works in watercolors, oils, mixed media and drawing, biomorphic and surreal imagery. My inspiration has been the natural world, our interconnectedness with our planet.
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Patricia Arnillas Last Updated: 03/13/15
Using ancient myths as a starting point, I have developed a personal esthetic where my expressionistic style and visceral brushstrokes transform a narrative content into a visual experience.
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Michael Davis Last Updated: 04/21/11
Michael Davis paintings and drawings
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Jonathan B Weld Last Updated: 01/16/12
Current work is the Falling Man-Woman Series.
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Maya Brown Last Updated: 06/28/12
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Morgan Seth Horowitz Last Updated: 05/15/14
Flash art, aiming for a striking impression.
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T.M. NOEL Last Updated: 11/23/20
I am proud to render the essence of many ancestral personalities who remain a source of pride and a sign of hope, for anyone who has found themselves a victim of violence and poverty. I incorporate scratches, cuts, and slashes into my ART.
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Jeanne Verdoux Last Updated: 03/16/19
I am a visual artist. I draw people and ideas on found materials
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Akwesi M Asante Last Updated: 07/24/17
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Don Lisy Last Updated: 11/13/15
Deconstructing and articulating concepts masquerading as beauty
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Heather Merckle Last Updated: 12/09/16
In multimedia explorations merging art and science through metaphor and visual experience, I have been exploring the philosophical and spatial state of time, dark matter, gravity, and the presence of asteroids.
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Maria Scarpini Last Updated: 09/16/14
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Mychel Russell-Ward Last Updated: 03/27/15
Watercolor mixed media
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Kathleen E. Migliore-Newton Last Updated: 11/15/15
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Benjamin Edmiston Last Updated: 12/30/14
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Brian Matthew Blair Last Updated: 03/17/15
There tend to be some recurring subjects and themes I work with. I can list these as: history, science, survival, people, nearly extinct animals and plants, archaic technology, ancient jars and bowls… I am sure there is more...
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Audrey Anastasi Last Updated: 02/07/21
I work directly, quickly, unabashedly, with broad brushes, using my non-dominant left hand, in order to keep the process essential, spontaneous, even risky.
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Wendy Hansen Last Updated: 06/30/15
Wendy Hansen’s provocative, expressive and unconventional figurative drawings, sculptures and monumental portraits expertly convey complex, conflicting, raw human emotions.
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Brenda Ferebee Last Updated: 08/02/15
Currently, my work consists of charcoal portraits of individuals from all walks of life regardless of sex, race, orientation or status.
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