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Wayne E Adams Last Updated: 12/19/16
I am interested in painting as a lens through which to reconcile my perception of the corporeal world with intangible notions of intense human emotion, experience and meaning. It is an understanding of art as a treatise on human nature.
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Linda Adato Last Updated: 12/10/14
Color etchings of diverse architectural images at a certain moment or time of day.
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Ariane A. Ahlmann Last Updated: 09/30/18
painting, sculpture
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Nikki Arendt Last Updated: 01/03/17
I am interested in our bodies, their weight, the actual corporeal feeling of them, our denial of them, hybridity, sexuality. I am interested in religious and ceremonial aesthetics and symbolism- how we as humans make sense of ourselves.
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LOUISA ARMBRUST Last Updated: 07/17/17
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Isabel Barber Last Updated: 05/09/14
I paint people.
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Emily K. Berger Last Updated: 07/21/12
Abstract paintings in oil on wood or linen and ink on paper, grid based, layered, evidence of process, incorporating gesture and geometry.
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Sarah E Brook Last Updated: 03/23/16
Sarah E. Brook builds relief sculptures and installations using sandpaper and canvas.
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Tegan M. Brozyna Last Updated: 09/20/16
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Derek Buckner Last Updated: 08/14/14
Derek Buckner's works are simultaneously beautiful and comforting yet somehow constricting and claustrophobic in their voluptuousness
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Joseph Burchfield Last Updated: 07/09/18
Drawing with color.
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Sue Burickson Last Updated: 11/25/14
Sculpture with Embedded Video
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Ai S Campbell Last Updated: 01/06/18
The work of Ai Campbell celebrates the compelling nature of artís most basic elements, using the monochromatic colors of black and white to amplify positive negative spaces through the contrast.
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Steven Ceraso Last Updated: 04/15/14
Sculpture and object based works using a variety of fabricated components and found materials.
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Sasha Chavchavadze Last Updated: 01/31/19
Mixed-media paintings, drawings, assemblages and installations
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Juliette Conroy Last Updated: 09/08/12
As a photographic artist I use the camera not to faithfully record the subject, but rather to create a distortion, resulting in an image that is as much about feeling as seeing.
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Ben Coonley Last Updated: 01/08/14
Video, electronic media and performance artist.
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Joan Di Lieto Last Updated: 12/22/16
Human decisions in metaphysical landscapes.
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Jackie A Duvall-Smith Last Updated: 12/03/17
The possible histories of objects I find have long intrigued me. Why was this item discarded? What did it once mean to the person who owned it? If this object could talk, what stories would it tell? In my work, I am looking for a story.
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Jonathan H Elliott Last Updated: 09/14/15
abstract landscapes; photographs; sound works--electronic compositions and vocal and instrumental chamber works
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