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Cat Del Buono Last Updated: 02/28/18
Cat Del Buono is a Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker whose works focus on social issues.
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Karni Dorell Last Updated: 07/08/12
My work questions social groupings and how the feeling of the group experience fluctuates between vulnerability and security.
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Todd Drake Last Updated: 09/19/15
Human Rights Photographer
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Benjamin M Evans Last Updated: 08/11/10
I paint on other people things. Frick! Frazzle-BOOM! AND I GET ALONG WELL WITH OTHERS GODDAM IT!
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Diana Gilon Last Updated: 11/30/14
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Janet Goldner Last Updated: 10/26/15
Janet Goldner is an artist whose work explores culture, identity and social justice. She works in various media: sculpture, photography, video, installation and writing.
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Aurélien GREZES Last Updated: 02/09/15
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Michael Hambouz Last Updated: 07/03/12
Michael Hambouz is a Brooklyn-based artist focusing on his “full immersion portraiture” process (see site for more details), working primarily in acrylic on stretched canvas and board.
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Lisa Hein Last Updated: 07/23/16
Found-object sculpture and installations; site projects in collaboration with Robert Seng.
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Chris Held Last Updated: 12/29/14
Working across a variety of media, Held engages design and art as highly compatible disciplines. His work employs the languages of craft, minimalism, and contemporary design to recontextualize functional forms and their associate meanings.
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TJ HOSPODAR Last Updated: 06/30/15
I am a mathematician debugging my art practice.
I am an artist performing data science.
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Travis Iurato Last Updated: 06/19/13
Rustic Avant-Garde; All-Natural Digital; Web-Combing; Street-Combing; Beach-Combing; Combines, Collages & Cut-outs; Incidentals; Sundries; Hard-Focused Whimsy; Paintings & Drawings & Sculptures..........
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Oneika Phillips/ Jim Petrozzello Last Updated: 08/21/17
Collaborating dance and photography to facilitate conversations focusing on transforming race relations, representation of people of color in art and the power of art to heal.
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Sara Jimenez Last Updated: 04/26/17
I am a Filipina-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist interested in investigating relationships between material impermanence and trans-cultural memory. I work in sculpture, installation, performance and 2D works.
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Alanna C John Last Updated: 02/24/14
I am very geometrical with my approach. I love black and white because it is a direct display of the design. No distractions what so ever. However, I also like a simple pop of color at certain moments which can create emotion.
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Ilisa Katz Rissman Last Updated: 07/14/17
I am compelled to document the people and environments around me, to try and make sense of an often-anarchic world by capturing small moments and personal encounters.
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Grace Kim Last Updated: 05/15/14
in search of lost time..
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Autumn Kioti Last Updated: 03/28/17
Wildness is necessary.
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Chris Klapper Last Updated: 01/13/17
I collaborate with my husband, Patrick Gallagher. Our current work centers around the use of emerging technology and interaction.
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Min Ko Last Updated: 08/20/17
Calligraphy in both English & Korean build layer over layer in fluorescent pink and green with black and white to fill large canvases that are cut up and sold as pieces of a whole.
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