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Elisabeth Condon Last Updated: 08/30/15
Poured paint evokes permeable compositions in which I layer internal and external perceptions of location, place and time.
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Garret K Dafferner Last Updated: 12/23/14
Assemblage sculpture mixing 3D rapid prototyping, with traditional sculpture techniques and natural/found materials.
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Jon A Duff Last Updated: 04/22/16
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Marcy R. Edelstein Last Updated: 04/12/18
My objective is to create a visual language about transformation, one that speaks to the viewer directly through the strength and presence of its primal, iconic form and is informed by biology, natural history and evolutionary theory.
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Gray Edgerton Last Updated: 04/21/11
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Georgia L Elrod Last Updated: 11/07/16
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Stern Emily Last Updated: 06/10/10
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Eliza Evans Last Updated: 10/17/17
I have a research-intensive practice that integrates source data, historical and literary references, imagery, and text.
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Danielle L Ezzo Last Updated: 06/22/10
alternative process photography and mixed media works.
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Robert Franca Last Updated: 03/12/18
I draw and paint believing that the forms I imagine can be built, and then I build them.
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Tanda K Francis Last Updated: 12/08/16
My work features a mix of figurative and biomorphic forms derived from human forms, nature and geometry.
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MaDora Frey Last Updated: 05/13/15
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Joseph Fucigna Last Updated: 02/13/16
Through experimentation, play and innovation I create sculptures and paintings that are known for their power to transform materials, inventiveness and odd but suggestive subject matter.
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Ana Garces Kiley Last Updated: 09/01/10
My work transforms the human body into a magical realist vessel for embodying archetypes of death, desire and our collective unconscious –those very things that make us most human and most enigmatic.
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J.J. Garfinkel Last Updated: 05/14/14
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Alice Garik Last Updated: 12/20/16
My work combines tattoos with natural elements. I use analog photography, print with palladium on japanese gampi papers and expose my negatives using the sun.
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Christine Garvey Last Updated: 12/20/16
Painting, Collage, and Installation
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Steven Gawoski Last Updated: 06/28/10
My work is a creative exploration that concentrates on the transmutation of the scientific image.
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Tatiana Ginsberg Last Updated: 03/18/19
Drawings, prints, installations, and artist books, most of which use my own handmade paper
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David Gitt Last Updated: 07/10/14
We are seeking new avenues for seeing and distributing art
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Displaying: 21 - 40 of 124 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>       Sort by:

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