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Dmitry Borshch Last Updated: 06/24/18
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Deborah Brown Last Updated: 01/27/17
In the series, "Runaways," a female protagonist goes on adventures accompanied by various animal companions. The work conjures a picaresque sprit familiar from adventure stories in which a heroine navigates an exotic and unfamiliar world.
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Alexander Brunner Last Updated: 11/04/15
Memories are not crisp and clear. Only certain elements are focused, some may be glamorized and embellished like a good story. The intersecting of reality and fiction is reflected through my application of materials.
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Julie A Buck Last Updated: 10/12/17
I am drawn to archaic formats in my art. There is something about delving into ephemeral forms --revealing details that would otherwise be missed ––that express a passion, especially as said forms are being phased out of use.
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Olivia Burke Last Updated: 01/16/17
Brooklyn based Photographer focused on portraits, travel and architecture. @olivedsgn
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Jenn Cacciola Last Updated: 11/13/18
I produce interdisciplinary work based in tapestry, sculpture and painting. I investigate themes of human interdependence and the "weight" of personality. My pieces often call viewers into an individual relationship to the works.
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STANLEY P CADET Last Updated: 12/12/14
Photographer with a focus on portraiture and lifestyle
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Danielle Charette Last Updated: 04/12/18
The Art of Danielle Charette | Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist | Brooklyn, NY
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Jessica Chen Last Updated: 11/30/17
Film and digital photographer, specializes in cinematic urban landscapes, architecture, environmental portraits, documentary and street photography.
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Lawrence Ciarallo Last Updated: 03/15/17
I currently intern for Young New Yorkers, a transformative justice program in Brooklyn.
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Jennifer M. Clark Last Updated: 04/05/12
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Danny Coeyman Last Updated: 06/01/10
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Enid Crow Last Updated: 04/04/13
I take self-portrait photographs of myself as male and female characters.
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Margaret Cusack Last Updated: 02/10/13
My interest as an artist is to involve viewers by creating realism with fabric's interplay of patterns and textures.
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Danielle Czirmer Last Updated: 07/14/17
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Steve Dabal Last Updated: 01/15/18
Narrative filmmaker, visual effects artists, and creative director of
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Madi Dangerously Last Updated: 09/15/16
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D Davidsohn Last Updated: 08/01/17
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Kimberly Faith Devaney Last Updated: 06/05/16
interdisciplinary artist
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DORA DIASPORA Last Updated: 08/31/12
expressionistic oil portraiture, intricate line drawings, as well as non-representational "emotional landscapes", visual poetry, video, sound, and performance.
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Displaying: 21 - 40 of 186 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>       Sort by:

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