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Bridget Mullen Last Updated: 01/02/17
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Amoako Buachie Last Updated: 02/21/15
As an artist and an autistic savant my art expresses what my words cannot. Art makes me happy, it's the world through my eyes. Pieces displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2010 & 2011), Lincoln Center, etch.
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Kathleen A McSherry Last Updated: 06/25/14
Born, raised and lived in Brooklyn. It will always be "home" to me.
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Jason L McKoy Last Updated: 07/04/14
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Ben Hilario-Caguiat Last Updated: 12/09/14
I create anime-inspired monotype and aquatint prints, sculptures, mixed-media and public work to invite the audience to temporarily step away from stress and play.
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Andrés Vera Martínez Last Updated: 12/10/14
Award winning Cartoonist/Illustrator. Co-Author of the graphic novels Little White Duck: A Childhood in China, Breuckelen 1679, and soon to be released Espiritu, Texas 1879 - 2015
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Elton Leonard Last Updated: 09/15/17

My artwork takes a critical view of cultural, political and erotic perspectives. In my work, I reconstruct the American dream and fantasy images that are part of our childhood and adult culture.
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DAN FREEMAN Last Updated: 12/19/14
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Ericka D Hagan Last Updated: 12/27/14
The child's mind who has not yet understood reality.
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Stephanie Lau Last Updated: 12/19/16
Serial dabbler of acrylics, lead, markers and pens... a range of cartoonish portraitures to abstract expressionism.
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Luiza Kurzyna Last Updated: 02/03/15
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Lea Mairet Last Updated: 03/26/15
I am an Illustrator with a true love for independent comics.
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Sky Vega Last Updated: 03/31/15
Multidisciplinary artist Sky Vega spearheads her creative company "Pittaway Art" which offers a variety of artistic services ranging from fine art and music to children's book illustration, stop-motion and special effects makeup work.
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Sharon Stokes Last Updated: 01/09/17
My name is Sharon Stokes. I am a digital illustrator/graphic artist who specializes in character design. My work celebrates people of color and cartoons.
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Sam Fein Last Updated: 08/10/15
My paintings and mixed media pieces incorporate elements of ethnography, nonlinear storytelling, magical realism, and absurdist humor to give expression to a uniquely individualized reality.
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Chris Bors Last Updated: 07/12/16
New York-based artist Chris Bors is a virtual dumpster diver who makes paintings, videos and digital collages.
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Carolyn H Figel Last Updated: 09/22/16
Fun, whimsical and often self-deprecating artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
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Georgia L Elrod Last Updated: 11/07/16
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Nora Rodriguez Last Updated: 12/04/16
I make hand-drawn animations with found sound and interviews.
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Ginny Huo Last Updated: 12/08/16
I use mixed media to reconstruct personal narratives and cultural modern myths dictated in a system of communication through re-imagined collaboration and play.
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