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Ilisa Katz Rissman Last Updated: 07/14/17
I am compelled to document the people and environments around me, to try and make sense of an often-anarchic world by capturing small moments and personal encounters.
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Justin B Kinard Last Updated: 12/22/17
Photographer | Programmer | Game Designer Pragmatic individual mostly concerned with everything dark and surreal
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Despo Magoni Last Updated: 06/14/10
Obsessed with the human condition I've used the human figure & head for their unlimited expressive potential to explore social issues inspired by myth, history,& current events. In my new work Cosmic themes appear in a more abstract manner.
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Michelle Marozik Last Updated: 10/16/11
This work is an ongoing drawing series documenting today's controversial billionaires and politicians.
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Linda Moses Last Updated: 06/04/13
Capturing energy on paper is the driving force in my work.
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Michael M Mut Last Updated: 11/30/14
My projects aim to inspire the masses by establishing a common ground for all. My installational works of art speak to human relationships; a universal pursuit of unconditional love.
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Carol B. Radsprecher Last Updated: 02/17/18
My current bodies of work are: oil paintings on canvas; drawings in Photoshop (limited-edition, of 25, inkjet prints; ink-and-acrylic on Claybord(TM).
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Eduardo Terranova Last Updated: 06/09/17
Born in a country of over fifty years in an internecine war, I destroy and construct my own canvases by hand stitching. I then re-skin the works with layers of metallic paints. Stitching, like love making, is a long process.
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Sally Thurer Last Updated: 04/26/11
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Driss Tijani Last Updated: 12/02/13
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Aldrin Valdez Last Updated: 06/15/11
Writing: Visual Art:
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tony wells Last Updated: 09/18/18
Most of my collages are made up of several hundred separate pieces of paper with carefully chosen image, color and structural properties.
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Margaret Withers Last Updated: 12/25/11
My childhood in the rural American South of the 1970's has informed my current work, yielding compostions in which the abstract and concrete intermingle, illuminating the space between upheaval and serenity.
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Robert Zurer Last Updated: 02/21/16
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