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Jonathan Grassi Last Updated: 03/19/13
I am interested capturing subjects in moments when they confront their own vulnerability and documenting their instinctual reactions.
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Susan Kaprov Last Updated: 06/28/13
I strive to make the swirling abstract forms and vibrant colors in my work have symbolic meaning and spiritual power.
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Linda Moses Last Updated: 06/04/13
Capturing energy on paper is the driving force in my work.
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Driss Tijani Last Updated: 12/02/13
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Robert Zurer Last Updated: 02/21/16
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Andrew Michael Andrews Last Updated: 09/16/15
I use cut-and-layered art paper to create bas-relief landscapes that reduce each scene to its most critical elements. I also experiment with other mediums from time-to-time.
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Lauren Matsumoto Last Updated: 06/23/19
Mixed-media paintings that examine our relationship to nature
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Harry P Greenwald Last Updated: 03/08/15
We live in a world that throws a lot away. My art takes things people discard – pill bottles, tin cans, parts of consumer electronics, old building materials – and makes whimsy out of them.
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Paul A Felski Last Updated: 10/02/16
Architecture as an open form to discuss the environment of Brooklyn and NYC.
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Mary Lou Edmondson Last Updated: 04/19/16
For the rest of my life, I will study the sheer joy and difficulty of putting color down and trying to get it right – of seeing how one color affects another – of building subtle or dazzling surface to reveal depth.
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Antoinette Pascua Dorch Last Updated: 05/25/17
My paintings are mostly Dance Illustrations.
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Anna Agoston Last Updated: 12/14/15
Untitled is a ongoing master series of black-and-white macro photographs of living plant elements. Although the medium is photography, I think of my work as sculpture. There is an emphasis on form, texture and what the image may evoke.
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Sophie Gamand Last Updated: 07/25/17
Art inspired by shelter dogs (in particular pit bulls).
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Oliver Dettler Last Updated: 08/13/17
Assemblage of disparate elements where composition is deliberately a juxtaposed truth.
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Justin B Kinard Last Updated: 12/22/17
Photographer | Programmer | Game Designer Pragmatic individual mostly concerned with everything dark and surreal
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