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Paul Behnke Last Updated: 01/03/15
Non-objective abstraction with an emphasis on color that marries the romance of Modernism with the dynamic aspects of Pop.
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David Bender Last Updated: 07/11/14
i like a painting that shows the scars of a good fight.
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Erik Bergrin Last Updated: 03/19/18
Textile and Fiber artist working in large sculptures and wearables.
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Sarah E Bisceglie Last Updated: 01/16/14
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Joseph Bochynski Last Updated: 04/10/18
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Jordan Bortner Last Updated: 03/25/16
Digital and analog glitch artwork and video.
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Sally Bozzuto Last Updated: 12/14/14
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Jillian Brall Last Updated: 04/06/11
Collages made by hand and digitally, representing my navigation of both dreamscapes and day to day waking life, thematically inclined toward investigations of physical vs robotic, technology and spirituality.
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Maria Britton Last Updated: 11/17/13
paintings on hand sewn and stretched floral bed sheets
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Deborah Brown Last Updated: 01/27/17
In the series, "Runaways," a female protagonist goes on adventures accompanied by various animal companions. The work conjures a picaresque sprit familiar from adventure stories in which a heroine navigates an exotic and unfamiliar world.
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Jaclyn M Brown Last Updated: 07/09/10
Narrative paintings inspired by words, thoughts, dreams and experiences.
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Linda Buongermino Last Updated: 11/02/17
Landscapes, Portraits, Street Scenes
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Andrea Burgay Last Updated: 12/19/16
Spanning painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture, my work has been largely devoted to uniting elements from each into cohesive entities exploring physical growth, deterioration and decay, spiritual cycles, and celebration.
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Naomi Campbell Last Updated: 09/27/15
My interdisciplinary practice explores natural systems of the body/its environment and how this is subjectively translated through our senses, employing a wide variety of techniques and materials ranging from X-rays to ice to paint.
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Naomi Andree Campbell Last Updated: 10/10/16
The explores the collusion between nature and science. Based on nature's sculptured forms Campbell induces new definitions through fragmented objects, bending forms, concepts and connotations of the everyday natural systems.
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Hector Canonge Last Updated: 06/26/17
Interdisciplinary artist, curator and cultural entrepreneur based in NYC. His work incorporates new media technologies, cinematic narratives, performance art, and socially engaged art to explore identity, gender, and migration politics.
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Deric Carner Last Updated: 02/07/18
I make work about the body using additive techniques that emphasizes the human touch.
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Graciela Cassel Last Updated: 03/10/15
My interest in the labyrinth as a structure is based in the circle. Here, the circle turns in on itself, and raises the question of reality. In postmodern practice, could also revolve around her “uniqueness-reproducibility axis,” allowing the artist
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Caryn D Cast Last Updated: 03/16/11
I like to paint characters having big thoughts
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Sandra Casti Last Updated: 08/23/10
process-based works comprised of hand mixed units of paint strategically placed onto a surface.
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