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STANLEY P CADET Last Updated: 12/12/14
Photographer with a focus on portraiture and lifestyle
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ILKER KOCAHAN Last Updated: 12/22/13
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Samuel Sammo Augustin Last Updated: 02/19/14
I often consider myself as an"artist reporter"because of my ability to recreate some small but important details of life. Like a good reporter,i am able to capture and not comment on the scene in any way.i simply show what i see…
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Farideh Sakhaeifar Last Updated: 07/11/17
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Dee Shapiro Last Updated: 08/03/19
I work with ink, paint and collage on paper, canvas and board using geometry, pattern and natural forms all imagined.
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Alanna C John Last Updated: 02/24/14
I am very geometrical with my approach. I love black and white because it is a direct display of the design. No distractions what so ever. However, I also like a simple pop of color at certain moments which can create emotion.
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Amoako Buachie Last Updated: 02/21/15
As an artist and an autistic savant my art expresses what my words cannot. Art makes me happy, it's the world through my eyes. Pieces displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2010 & 2011), Lincoln Center, etch.
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Gabriel A Tolliver Last Updated: 01/23/15
Mixed media/Folk art influenced musings of my time spent in the US Army while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 2009-2010.
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Kim Winkler Last Updated: 10/04/14
Each painting is full of new adventures. To discover it, to love it, hate it, to lose and to be constantly on the eternal quest, then this is finally not found. Oh, this wonderful agony between happiness, need and eternal doubt.
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Colleen Cunningham Last Updated: 12/06/14
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Elton Leonard Last Updated: 09/15/17

My artwork takes a critical view of cultural, political and erotic perspectives. In my work, I reconstruct the American dream and fantasy images that are part of our childhood and adult culture.
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Vincent J. Salas Last Updated: 01/03/15
My art represents my spirituality, comes from my soul and my mind.
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Suzanne T Meehan Last Updated: 08/07/17
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Marvin Piqué Last Updated: 08/16/18
Neo expressionism, abstract, figurative, words
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Sarah E Olson Last Updated: 01/06/15
I make paintings, drawings and performances about theories of the beginning of life, both religious and scientific, and surmise through my work how those ideas impact our present-day environment.
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Dick Schlefer Last Updated: 01/01/17
These are 24" x 30" composite inkjet images printed on canvas, which examine the clash between European/American and third-world cultures that has dominated the last 75 years of human history.
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Toisha Tucker Last Updated: 02/21/18
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Saki Kishimoto Last Updated: 11/28/15
Each piece of my work has theatrical elements, which is infused with contemporary mythology.
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Lamerol A Gatewood Last Updated: 07/11/17
My current painting-drawings on paper are a conceptual idea and problematic approach to the creative process of collage making.
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Makeela B Amani Last Updated: 11/23/15
Charged imagery that smack convention!
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