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Rey Parla Last Updated: 06/26/13
I am interested in the formation of art and the various decisions of material selection; the process of art: gathering, sorting, collating, researching, associating, patterning and the actions involved in the making of new photography.
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Kevin C Gillespie Last Updated: 10/27/15
I combine contemporary western art with asian sensibility.
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Christopher J Arabadjis Last Updated: 12/07/14
My drawings derive from an interest in complexity that arises out of a limited set of rules.
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Bridget Mullen Last Updated: 01/02/17
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Jane Greengold Last Updated: 10/14/13
I create site-specific temporary and permanent public installations; abstract paintings; movable, malleable sculpture/paintings; and conceptual studio projects.
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Jeffrey N Kurland Last Updated: 10/22/13
Abstract paintings on canvas and paper. My innovative acrylic/collage technique has led to new color expression, and gesture that is physically embedded in paint, with unique, strange and beautiful paint surfaces.
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Aswoon/Susan E Woods Last Updated: 12/03/13
I am a sculptor who has worked in a number of mediums. Recently I have spanned the art and design worlds. Most of what I make is made from upholstery springs and bent poplar plywood, along with steel and other metals.
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Joe Vinson Last Updated: 10/29/14
Hand painted minimalism emphasizing close hued color contrasts.
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Byron M McCray Last Updated: 01/21/14
I look for the humanity within each piece I create. I compare my art to music, viewing each piece as a song within a grand album. Each song is what I see after observing and listening to the world.
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Doug Beube Last Updated: 04/01/19
Doug is a mixed-media artist working in collage, bookwork, installation, photography and sculpture.
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Jennifer Adger Last Updated: 03/30/14
Mixed media/tiled collage-modern pointillism
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Georgi T Georgiev Last Updated: 12/23/14
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Christine M Fields Last Updated: 05/30/14
Anyone want to buy my art let me know, Lets network! PLS DON'T STEAL!
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Mitsuko S Verdery Last Updated: 11/13/15
Combining visual art and dance, Mitsuko Verdery uses her body as a medium to create physical and psychological dialogues of various dichotomies in the forms of performance, video and photography.
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Ronald Hall Last Updated: 12/27/14
I am primarily a painter who uses oil paint in an expressive manner to create thought-provoking and narrative interpretations of historical and contemporary African American themes and or issues.
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Lionel Carre Last Updated: 01/03/15
Lionel Carre deconstructs the energy of wild style graffiti lettering, and build upon the color palettes that have adorned New York City.
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MARK B GELBART Last Updated: 12/20/14
My work explores the psychology of Internet-centric American culture through painting. Prevalent themes of process, time, immediacy, obsession, identity, anxiety, and image are of concern. I also write on art: WWW.ARTALLOUT.COM
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Douglas W Newton Last Updated: 11/06/15
I paint subjects that have an unexpected beauty that I translate into oil paint. In all these paintings, my emphasis is on light, color, texture and atmosphere.
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Shenelle A Ammon Last Updated: 12/19/14
My work focuses on the search of my identity. It begins with the journey of self acceptance for myself and knowing my worth. My focus is to help others to embrace their beauty,internally and externally, despite all the labels society holds.
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Natalia de Campos Last Updated: 01/04/15
Natalia de Campos is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, theater, text, sound, video, interactive media, and translation. Since 1999, she creates works in New York also under “Syncretic Pleasures”.
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