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Julia Elsas Last Updated: 02/12/12
As a mixed-media artist, I am continually moving between concepts, materials, and processes such as sewing, printmaking, sculpture, and collage-making. My work examines voyeurism, tension, body language, and mimicry in social interaction.
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Janice Everett Last Updated: 08/04/17
I create digital montages using original photographs that play with the relationship between urban landscape and nature.
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Jacob Farber Last Updated: 10/20/15
Currently I am exploring the relationship between scrap / trash wood in NYC and the idea usefelness via sculpture.
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Kate C Fauvell Last Updated: 03/18/19
My work tells stories about what it means to be human.
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Carson Fox Last Updated: 01/06/15
I look for beauty that exists in tension between nature and artifice, the awe of visual spectacle, and humanity’s desire to bridle nature and time.
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Véronique Gambier Last Updated: 08/19/14
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Michelle Hinebrook Last Updated: 03/13/17
Michelle Hinebrook is a contemporary artist living in Brooklyn, New York, best-known for her abstract paintings and sculptures.
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Judy Hoffman Last Updated: 11/30/15
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Ruth M Hofheimer Last Updated: 02/05/14
I am an artist and community organizer engaged with public art, urban environmentalism and related social entrepreneurship.
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Anthony Iacono Last Updated: 05/24/14
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Francene S Keery Last Updated: 12/01/10
I am a photographer currently working in the digital format and making primarily color landscape/nature images with a recent portfolios from 8 years of living in Paraguay, South America.
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Yan Kong Last Updated: 08/18/18
In the last ten years I have worked with discarded materials from Brooklyn construction dumpsters, found materials and have been working since 2016 on a multi-media installation work called the Balloon Project.
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Tara Kopp Last Updated: 06/29/16
I paint miniature objects from still-lifes and my imagination. They are specific enough to depict what they represent, yet ambiguous enough to portray a universality of existence.
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Fay Ku Last Updated: 06/29/16
Figurative, narrative works on paper and paintings on drafting film, with a cast of characters configured in sometimes quasi-historical environments.
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Laine Lee Last Updated: 02/23/13
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Laura Lee-Georgescu Last Updated: 02/03/11
Laura Lee-Georgescu is currently working on woodcut prints and abstract paintings.
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Amy Lemaire Last Updated: 05/17/16
Visual Artist with an active trade route, exploring and exchanging ideas of currency, value, and meaning by making objects, images, language and performance.
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Marion Lerner-Levine Last Updated: 08/19/13
Emotionally expressive still-life oil paintings and watercolors; silver- and copper point landscape drawings, etchings, and woodcuts. Subjects include, botanical illustrations, handwritten notes.,domestic ensembles. and books.
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Elissa Levy Last Updated: 08/19/17
Mixed media sculptural wall and floor works and installations; sculpture, digital prints
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Michael Lopez Last Updated: 02/13/18
This series chronicles the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn. Inspired by the gentrification of this neighborhood, I find myself drawn less to the intrusion of the contemporary and more to the timeworn character of my surroundings.
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