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Christian Maychack Last Updated: 12/28/10
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Linda Adato Last Updated: 12/10/14
Color etchings of diverse architectural images at a certain moment or time of day.
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Tyson Skross Last Updated: 01/09/20
Tyson Skross is a Brooklyn based painter and sculptor.
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Elissa Levy Last Updated: 08/19/17
Mixed media sculptural wall and floor works and installations; sculpture, digital prints
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Abraham McNally Last Updated: 03/30/11
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Julia Elsas Last Updated: 02/12/12
As a mixed-media artist, I am continually moving between concepts, materials, and processes such as sewing, printmaking, sculpture, and collage-making. My work examines voyeurism, tension, body language, and mimicry in social interaction.
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Emily K. Berger Last Updated: 07/21/12
Abstract paintings in oil on wood or linen and ink on paper, grid based, layered, evidence of process, incorporating gesture and geometry.
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Joseph Burchfield Last Updated: 02/11/20
Drawing with color.
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Rachel C Wiecking Last Updated: 06/04/11
Mixed Media Sculpture and Print Studies
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Anthony Iacono Last Updated: 05/24/14
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Mark D Phillips Last Updated: 11/02/17
I have lived in the neighborhood fo over 20 years working as a photojournalist and Internet entrepreneur, documenting the change in South Brooklyn. These images are from my exhibit, "25 Years of Gowanus: As it WAS, As it IS"
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Fay Ku Last Updated: 06/29/16
Figurative, narrative works on paper and paintings on drafting film, with a cast of characters configured in sometimes quasi-historical environments.
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Ai S Campbell Last Updated: 01/06/18
The work of Ai Campbell celebrates the compelling nature of art’s most basic elements, using the monochromatic colors of black and white to amplify positive negative spaces through the contrast.
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Marion Lerner-Levine Last Updated: 08/19/13
Emotionally expressive still-life oil paintings and watercolors; silver- and copper point landscape drawings, etchings, and woodcuts. Subjects include, botanical illustrations, handwritten notes.,domestic ensembles. and books.
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Matthew Lusk Last Updated: 08/07/12
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Juliette Conroy Last Updated: 09/08/12
As a photographic artist I use the camera not to faithfully record the subject, but rather to create a distortion, resulting in an image that is as much about feeling as seeing.
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Michelle Hinebrook Last Updated: 03/13/17
Michelle Hinebrook is a contemporary artist living in Brooklyn, New York, best-known for her abstract paintings and sculptures.
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Laine Lee Last Updated: 02/23/13
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TJ Volonis Last Updated: 03/15/13
I am a Brooklyn-based artist who makes functional work (tables, chairs) and wall-mounted sculptures from copper tubing.
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Erin Treacy Last Updated: 10/22/19
I am interested in how our environment depicts time through layers of growth and decay, serving as a visual metaphor for our own internal worlds. Both are in constant states of change – morphing and diverging we expand in our world.
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