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Claudia Sohrens Last Updated: 02/17/19
I explore different practices of archiving and photographic processes. I draw from archives and produce them at the same time: acts of recording, storing, indexing, and redistributing are built into my work.
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Maho Kino Last Updated: 10/30/10
The Peanut is a recurring subject in my work. The simple line of its organic form and the inherent duality in the peanut, (two nuts in one shell) acting as a metaphor for the conflict in the human character.
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BiZZiD - Last Updated: 07/30/10
The day the world turned day-glo.
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Michael Duva Last Updated: 04/29/14
Michael Duva’s project ANIMALS rose straight out of his love of animals.
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William Holton Last Updated: 08/05/13
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Mary Billyou Last Updated: 04/18/11
A filmmaker working in the areas of expanded cinema, focusing on the multiplicity of found materials, surrealist processes, authorial references, and feminine identities.
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Meghan C Wilbar Last Updated: 03/28/11
I strive to depict landscapes, cityscapes that hold the tension, sensation of the human experience.
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Christopher Saunders Last Updated: 04/20/12
My recent landscape paintings are primarily built around the cloud symbol as a depiction of event, and suggest the apocalyptic and contemplative sublime.
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Yesuk C Seo Last Updated: 01/10/21
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Tom Kogut Last Updated: 04/28/11
Secretly taking pictures of peoples faces in public and enlarging the result to emphasize it's pixellation and ambiguity.
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Janet L. Rutkowski Last Updated: 08/04/15
Working with steel, I create sculptures from small to large scale which reflect many facets of my creativity,therefore they range from abstract to architectural and beyond.
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Natsumi K Goldfish Last Updated: 08/09/16
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Jamie Felton Last Updated: 05/10/12
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James Dinerstein Last Updated: 05/10/12
A re-thinking of the possibilities of abstract sculpture, marrying 20th century abstraction and archaic form-making.
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Michael Hambouz Last Updated: 07/03/12
Michael Hambouz is a Brooklyn-based artist focusing on his “full immersion portraiture” process (see site for more details), working primarily in acrylic on stretched canvas and board.
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Loui A Terrier Last Updated: 12/01/14
The Knots and Flora series (Drawings and Paintings), are meditations on time perception, the layering of experience, obstruction, nostalgia, turmoil, and the charting of a personal chance operation. Inclement Portraits.
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Virginia Inés Vergara Last Updated: 08/04/12
Her photographic work embodies meditations on light, perception and proximity
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Laura Splan Last Updated: 08/19/12
My conceptually driven work interrogates the visual manifestations of our cultural ambivalence towards the human body. My objects & images employ a variety of media including sculpture, ceramics, photography, video & works on paper.
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Jenn Kahn Last Updated: 12/01/14
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Federico Saenz recio Last Updated: 12/31/12
My work explores the basics and investigates the coexistence of nature and human structures referencing visually indigenous shapes, modern houses and street graffiti, and conceptually interested in the juxtaposition of these three worlds.
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