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Deirdre MacKenzie Last Updated: 11/08/15
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Leopold Masterson Last Updated: 10/21/16
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Kate Missett Last Updated: 08/18/17
Narrative ceramic sculpture derived from vessel forms with whimsical reference to nature and life in the city.
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Kenneth Nelson Last Updated: 03/05/13
Traditional wet-darkroom gelatin silver prints. Photographing people and places, people in their places, and places full of people.
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Seamus L O'Brien Last Updated: 02/05/18
My artwork reflects upon my relationship with the theatrical realities associated with my career.
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PD Packard Last Updated: 07/15/17
My work is focused on the discovery of cause and effect through the printmaking techniques of drypoint etching, embossing, polymer, relief, and sumi-e + watercolor, aniline and natural dyes.
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Seema Lisa Pandya Last Updated: 08/08/17
My work is inspired by curved fractal fundamental forms found in nature and responds to the context and sustainability of materials, often incorporating used discarded materials.
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Cheryl L. Parry Last Updated: 07/11/10
I integrate painting, found objects, text, dance and sound to create installations that link my personal history to lesser-known history; I am currently working on a project about maids in the United States as I was a maid as an art student
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Lovina Purple Last Updated: 07/15/11
Abstract, hand sewn paintings on global environmental and political topics
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Joseph A. W. Quintela Last Updated: 12/18/14
Joseph A. W. Quintela is a poet, artist, publisher, and art-organizer working at the fault lines emergent in the face of post-textual and post-productive modes of living.
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Roni S Ramos Last Updated: 04/11/18
I am an abstract painter in love with color. Always, I seek to have the light shine through.
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Rebecca K Ringquist Last Updated: 07/08/11
My work is at times careful, contrasted with moments of fast machine-stitched frenzy, expressing implicit and explicit intensities, and alternating between innocence and recklessness.
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Gail H Rothschild Last Updated: 05/15/14
As artist and rock climber, my work is a muscular, tactile exploration of the physical world.
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Mychel Russell-Ward Last Updated: 03/27/15
Watercolor mixed media
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Julie Shakher Last Updated: 08/01/13
Shakher showcases spectacular works which are large yet delicate and sensitive with a sensual aggression of stroke. Her artworks are so large and detailed, you will feel you are an integral part of them. Shakher is a narrative figure painte
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Linda Siegel Last Updated: 11/27/10
My recent work utilizes digital photograhphy, paint and other media to build up and rework the surface in a naive almost childlike way. The immediacy of the photograhphy, captures a close-up moment, inspiring colors, textures, forms.
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A Holly Sphar Last Updated: 07/10/16
In my work I am exploring traditional arts, and themes as they relate to and fit in with today's digital, ultra-connected society. My most recent work takes this a step further and relates these themes to one's sense of self.
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Christian Tuempling Last Updated: 09/15/14
Based in Brooklyn, I use photography to discover and to experience rather than to document or to witness.
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Ben Tyree Last Updated: 06/21/18
My work utilizes raw organic textures superimposed by hard, sometimes solid-lined objects to create visceral abstract forms transporting viewers to an intricate world of shapes, colors and implicit sounds.
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