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Lorenzo Sanjuan Last Updated: 12/20/16
Paintings, sculptures, furniture, a variety of things... and I spend time developing artistic concepts and preparing proposals. With these, without a doubt, I grow. I can express thoughts and emotions best visually.
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Wyatt Parlette Last Updated: 07/14/14
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Helena Parriott Last Updated: 12/07/16
Painting and sculpture, multidisciplinary.
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Daniel W. Freeman Last Updated: 08/11/17
Every picture tells a story; the multi panel work relies on the design structure of the comic book or graphic novel to make a cinematic montage of a perceived imagined space .
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Adrienne Reynolds Last Updated: 12/29/16
Linear compositions exploring physical and psychological space, energy, patterns, connections and dis-connections. Influenced by cities, architecture, travel, interconnectivity. Media: gouache on paper, and paper constructions.
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Rosa B Perr Last Updated: 01/21/15
Dreams of sea, memories of family, and moons always moons.
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Leah M Guadagnoli Last Updated: 05/21/15
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Hyojin Yoo Last Updated: 03/01/19
My work begins with the awareness that concepts can only be understood if enacted in real time, with direct body involvement, and through the consensus of shared experience. Bringing everyday invisible to visible experiences.
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Hannah Xenakis Last Updated: 08/28/15
I make playful yet sophisticated impressionistic drawings of the world around me and within me, blending the real with the imaginary to create a unique visual experience.
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Edith Lettner Last Updated: 09/27/15
Edith Lettnerīs works in music and painting cross-fertilise each other; her oil paintings, water colors and drawings are composed by motion, dynamic, intense expression and improvisation.
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Terrence C Jennings Last Updated: 08/12/16
Vision + Document = Mission. This equation has been my photographic mantra for 15 years strong and continues to be through chronicling a strong, noble and vibrant people living in the present for others to know in the future.
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Diane Lent Last Updated: 11/19/15
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Jon Henry Last Updated: 08/16/16
My work looks at the black family in America, in particular the connection between mother and son.
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Umesh Mangipudi Last Updated: 10/03/16
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Efrat Baler Last Updated: 02/10/18
I am searching for a dynamic and evolutionary way to expose the artistic process and the painterly imagery. The subject matter of many of my art works on which I stage the evolution of the artistic process, is art about art, mass media icon
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Melissa Gollance Last Updated: 08/20/17
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Joshua R Peters Last Updated: 08/11/17
I write love notes to dead and living artists in my work, I make conceptual portraits to rattle cages as a rule and collaborate whenever possible.
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Thomas Duverne Last Updated: 08/17/17
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Eliza Evans Last Updated: 10/17/17
I have a research-intensive practice that integrates source data, historical and literary references, imagery, and text.
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Jennifer Seastone Last Updated: 02/19/18
I work in sculpture and mixed media installations, video and performance. My work manifests palimpsest form, like memories of texts that have been erased away, a trace left behind, a reminder that the past existed and still prevails.
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