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DEBBIE T DAVIES Last Updated: 11/15/13
I am multi-media visual artist. I am an abstract painter, videographer, photographer, and manipulator of materials. Founder of social art initiative The I Love You Project®.
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Rob De Oude Last Updated: 10/14/10
My most recent work consist of straight lines that through means of systematic intersecting optically curve and create moire like patterns.
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Natalia J Donofrio Last Updated: 04/20/15
I am a visual artist working in painting and the moving image. My work is inspired by sound/color synaesthesia.
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Debra Drexler Last Updated: 06/24/12
Drexler explores content dealing with the nature of perception with the intention of making the invisible visible. Abstraction has the ability to convey meaning that goes beyond the reductive ideology of formalism.
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Merav Ezer Last Updated: 12/17/13
I explore the necessity and quest for home by designing portable self-made architecture and transitional homes, highlighting the interaction between the body and space, physiological and physical experiences.
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Chris Fennell Last Updated: 01/08/15
Mixed media painting/collage abstraction: conceptually and physically dense, process-based
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Carolyn H Figel Last Updated: 09/22/16
Fun, whimsical and often self-deprecating artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
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Tristan Fitch Last Updated: 11/17/13
My works reveal a web of actions, acknowledge erosion, reference geology and appeal to the human desire to cross boundaries, to explore.
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Silvia Forni Last Updated: 03/24/16
I am a photographer/videographer living in Brooklyn. I work with Stop Motion Videos and my photography work is mainly concentrated on portraits. I am italian and I live in the States since 2004.
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Caitlin L Foster Last Updated: 03/30/17
Drawings are portals into endless expanse and black holes. I am interested in converting these daily, ordinary effects into repetitive, psychedelic abstractions, creating depth and sublime from the mundane.
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Julien Gardair Last Updated: 06/08/15
Julien Gardair is know for the variety of his practice, from site specific cutout and video installations to paintings and book cutouts.
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J.J. Garfinkel Last Updated: 05/14/14
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Randy Gibson Last Updated: 04/23/18
Randy Gibson is a Brooklyn-based artist composing with sound, time, light, and space. Gibson's performances, installations, and objects aim to shift and refocus the perception of passing time.
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Florence F Gidez Last Updated: 05/15/18
Color charged silkscreens on paper and dimensional constructions of ramshackle buildings, vehicles, plants and animals.
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Rebecca Graves Last Updated: 07/22/13
There is tranquility and power that is experienced when being at sea. I bring these senses to interior spaces with my contemporary seascapes painted in oil on steel panels.
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Adam Green Last Updated: 06/26/15
Preschool Tintoretto, Life in a Videogame, Crackhead-Style, Symbolist, Erotic Information, Briefcase full of crayons
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Donald Groscost Last Updated: 07/02/10
Donald Groscost explores the natural world through the arena of memory and the subconscious whereby a myriad of cultural references as disparate as animated films, children’s books or visual technologies often collide in a single form
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Amy Chase Gulden Last Updated: 11/10/10
With my scientific collaborator, Kristin Baldwin PhD, I grow images in E. coli bacteria and print these to paper.
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Amir Hariri Last Updated: 06/18/14
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Lisa Hein Last Updated: 07/23/16
Found-object sculpture and installations; site projects in collaboration with Robert Seng.
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