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Jeanne Tremel Last Updated: 08/23/16
I'm an abstract artist, making colorful mid-to-small scale paintings in oil (canvas) and water-media (paper), as well as fiber/mixed-media sculpture wall and floor pieces. I live in Ditmas Park.
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P.C. Turczyn Last Updated: 05/26/10
Awareness of the vibrational nature of the universe informs every aspect of my work: gilded paintings with metal leaf, pigments, crystals and mother-of-pearl or digital prints of painted gouache mandalas.
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Josette Urso Last Updated: 05/31/16
In my drawings, paintings and collages I move back and forth between urban and natural subjects where the contrasts and cross-fertilizations are cumulative, non-linear, free flowing and interpretive.
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Annie B. Varnot Last Updated: 01/18/14
I accumulate discarded objects and nontraditional materials, transforming them through painstaking methods into sculptures and installations. Both material and process are significant to the content of my work.
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Michael Voss Last Updated: 02/10/11
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Frank Webster Last Updated: 04/29/17
Frank Webster is a painter who lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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tony wells Last Updated: 01/25/19
Most of my collages are made up of several hundred separate pieces of paper with carefully chosen image, color and structural properties.
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Janice Wood Wetzel Last Updated: 10/03/17
My photography reflects my respect for the dignity and worth of the world's people, their ethnicity and design inherent in their cultures.
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Robert Whitehead Last Updated: 12/03/14
Multimedia artist and poet. Work investigates psychological development, how we come to a sense of self or others through myth, history, fear, and want.
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Julia Whitney Barnes Last Updated: 12/15/14
I am a multidisciplinary artist who makes indoor and outdoor works related to the natural world
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Valerie Williams Last Updated: 12/03/16
Through my recent SEM (scanning electron microscopy) art, I seek to reveal the hidden mysteries of an, until now, unknown world not visible to the common eye.
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Lucy Wilner Last Updated: 07/24/17
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Alli R Wolf Last Updated: 09/28/17
Oil paintings, drawings and ink washes of magic girls in mythical lands.
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Charles Yuen Last Updated: 10/07/13
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Susan Ziegler Last Updated: 01/02/17
My work explores the interplay of urban experience and natural phenomena through painting, drawing, monotype, and collage techniques.
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Andrea Zinn Last Updated: 02/14/19
I am a fine art photographer with work including Street Photography, Landscapes, Still Life and Nature subjects.
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