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Max P Yawney Last Updated: 05/15/14
The project pairs diverse abstract imagery, using a diptych format as paintings, photographs and sculptural installations. The differing nature of the two images functions as subject matter, similar to sound variations in music.
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King Yan Fina Fina Yeung Last Updated: 05/08/16
I work with mixed media painting, photography, film and installation. I use materials such as cardboard and paper to construct architectural forms. I also experiment on film and sound with my installation work.
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Jayoung Yoon Last Updated: 01/06/15
Jayoung Yoon deals with the perception of being present in a moment. By using the ephemeral, tactile qualities of materials, she tries to transform the invisible thoughts in mind into her physical art works, and allow the viewer to dis-
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Jinny Yu Last Updated: 10/10/10
My work considers the complexities of visual spatiality and materiality; my paintings oscillate between the physical and material space of the world and the pictorial and more subtly material 'space' of the painted surface.
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Seldon Yuan Last Updated: 12/22/16
Under the influence of poetry, my work is based on a personal history that manifests as visual poetry, sculpture, drawing, photos, and installations that often acts as a lense on the common scenes and objects.
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Rita F Zambori Last Updated: 03/04/15
My video and installation work focuses on performance and the mind as it explores notions of self- identity within the context of the soul or psyche.
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Michael Zebrick Last Updated: 05/31/17
My latest series of portraits pays tribute to all the Power Women in my life, here in Brooklyn, from my childhood, and elsewhere. 'Not to be fucked with'.
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Stella Zhong Last Updated: 08/28/18
Stella Zhong is an artist working in simulated and built space.
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Lia Zuvilivia Last Updated: 07/24/16
The main focus has been to explore the relationships between material, light, time and space. The primary energy of a brush stroke initiates the creation of such relations, I want to be as far as possible of determinaning the course of it
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