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Phillip D Elliott Last Updated: 08/17/10
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Kiarra Elliott Last Updated: 03/31/18
The art of fusing the metaphorical and physical meaning of beauty in paint. Providing positive imagery that is both soft yet strong and challenging; I am Afrocentric Keyy.
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Gerard Ellis Last Updated: 12/28/16
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Georgia L Elrod Last Updated: 11/07/16
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Carrie Elston Tunick Last Updated: 12/07/16
I make videos, sound installation, paintings, and prints that focus on shared emotional reactions, probing concepts of love and sanctioned violence through appropriated imagery of shared emotion.
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Michael Ensminger Last Updated: 08/13/17
My work responds to our fragile and contested relationship to the environment by deconstructing the methodologies of making.
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Mark Joshua Epstein Last Updated: 01/26/16
Abstract works on paper referencing textiles, fashion, the body, bad taste, and queerness.
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Loren Erdrich Last Updated: 07/25/17
I maneuver pools of pigment and water into recognizable forms from the vantage of a woman.
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Mike Estabrook Last Updated: 02/27/19
My work is an expression of my inner monsters that often dovetails with social criticism. I love things that are both ridiculous and serious, and seek to convey this through the absurd and the lo-fi.
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Francis Estrada Last Updated: 03/15/18
I interrogate how visual cues found in historical photographs, mass media, political propaganda, and personal archives influence or inflect social or cultural narratives.
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Benjamin M Evans Last Updated: 08/11/10
I paint on other people things. Frick! Frazzle-BOOM! AND I GET ALONG WELL WITH OTHERS GODDAM IT!
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Charlotte S Evans Last Updated: 08/11/15
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Gwen Fabricant Last Updated: 09/14/11
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Patricia Fabricant Last Updated: 12/22/14
I paint small abstract, vaguely psychedelic gouaches.
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Carla Fache Last Updated: 10/10/10
When I paint I connect with the invisible, the intensity, with what you can not see and only feel, with what nourish the volatility of the essence and the fever to discover its elusive meaning.
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Ian C. Faden Last Updated: 01/29/16
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King Farish Last Updated: 10/16/10
The origin of this body of work is in compression and tension, growth and decay, and how these and other processes shape built environments.
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Kate C Fauvell Last Updated: 03/18/19
My work tells stories about what it means to be human.
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GORDON FEAREY Last Updated: 11/23/15
Painter focused on transparency and narrative of process and influenced by writing, weaving, and theatre improv.
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Sam Fein Last Updated: 08/10/15
My paintings and mixed media pieces incorporate elements of ethnography, nonlinear storytelling, magical realism, and absurdist humor to give expression to a uniquely individualized reality.
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